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Special Feature Thu 29 Jan, AT 13:30

The Week is seeking freelance writers, data journalists and developers. Here's how to send us a pitch

Page 3 of The Sun newspaper

Page 3: topless models make a rapid return to The Sun

One-Minute Read Thu 22 Jan, AT 12:04

'The fight is back on' say campaigners who had previously celebrated the end of the 'sexist' feature

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Seven reasons why people are saying 'Je ne suis pas Charlie'

Talking Point Wed 14 Jan, AT 12:03

Hollywood stars among millions to say 'Je suis Charlie' but some are uncomfortable with the meme

Charlie Hebdo Mohammed cover is 'an act of war'

First Reaction Wed 14 Jan, AT 11:06

Anjem Choudary hits out at cartoon, but others describe it as 'gentle' by Charlie Hebdo standards

Harry Potter gets a new look in illustrated edition

One-Minute Read Wed 14 Jan, AT 08:58

Jim Kay has re-imagined Harry, Ron, Hermione, Hagrid and Malfoy for the first illustrated Harry Potter

Jeanine Pirro of Fox News

Fox News host calls for mass killing of Islamists

One-Minute Read Tue 13 Jan, AT 13:41

In a seven-minute long tirade, Jeanine Pirro repeats 'We need to kill them. We need to kill them’

Twitter user mocks Fox News

#FoxNewsFacts mocks claim that Birmingham is for Muslims only

One-Minute Read Mon 12 Jan, AT 11:47

The funniest Twitter reactions to Fox News pundit's claims that Birmingham is 'totally Muslim'