Jessie J and Tom Jones join the judging panel of The Voice

Has the BBC found its Voice in the battle for Saturday nights?

Media Watch Mon 26 Mar, AT 11:39

Critics aren’t convinced by The Voice – but ratings suggest viewers enjoy a cruelty-free talent show

Fabrice Muamba

Muamba tipped to play again, but is reaction overemotional?

Media Watch Wed 21 Mar, AT 10:15

Some papers predict that Bolton man will make full recovery, others accuse fans of over emoting

John Bercow and the Queen

Bercow causes outrage with tribute to 'kaleidoscope Queen'

Media Watch Tue 20 Mar, AT 15:54

Controversy as Speaker's Westminster introduction takes longer than Queen's speech

Air Force One

Pass the M&Ms: the thrills of flying on Air Force One

Media Watch Wed 14 Mar, AT 13:31

Journalist who travelled with David Cameron on Obama's plane describes the 'cut above' experience

Yvette Cooper

Labour's leading lights refuse to give up on the Sun

Media Watch Mon 12 Mar, AT 14:53

Yvette Cooper joins David Miliband in defying Ed to write for Murdoch's new Sunday tabloid

Kony 2012 is talk of the internet - but how wise is the campaign?

Media Watch Wed 7 Mar, AT 19:26

A viral campaign to bring the Lord’s Resistance Army leader Joseph Kony to justice has raised many questions

Boris Johnson Mayor of London

Media battle lines drawn as Boris and Ken go to war

Media Watch Thu 1 Mar, AT 16:21

The mud-slinging has begun ahead of the London Mayoral election on 3 May

Michael Gove

Michael Gove's close links to Rupert Murdoch revealed

Media Watch Mon 27 Feb, AT 10:55

As media tycoon looks to education as a revenue earner, Education Secretary's ties comes under scrutiny

Missing, presumed dead: Sun's 'Lord Lucan interview'

Media Watch Sun 26 Feb, AT 11:40

Did Rupert Murdoch really hope for an interview with missing peer for first Sunday edition?

What to expect from the super soaraway Sun on Sunday

Media Watch Fri 24 Feb, AT 15:24

Columnists – check. Front page splash – check. Price war – check. Advertising – check.