Anjem Choudary: fury at 'idiot' cleric's BBC Today interview

BBC under fire after radical cleric says PM and UK 'foreign policy' is responsible for Lee Rigby murder

LAST UPDATED AT 09:39 ON Fri 20 Dec 2013

THE BBC is under fire again for giving air time to the radical cleric Anjem Choudary after two self-styled jihadists were convicted of the murder of fusilier Lee Rigby. 

When Choudary was invited to appear on the BBC's Newsnight programme in May, he refused to condemn Rigby's murder despite repeated requests by presenter Kirsty Wark, The Guardian reported. His appearance was condemned by several politicians including the faith and communities minister, Baroness Warsi, who said she was "angry" that the BBC had given a forum to "one appalling man who represents nobody".

Choudary was interviewed again on the BBC's Today programme this morning in the wake of the convictions handed down to the soldier's killers Michael Adebolajo, 29, and Michael Adebowale, 22, yesterday afternoon. Once again, he repeatedly refused to condemn the brutal killing of the 25-year-old.

New Statesman's Sunder Katwala says the BBC made the wrong decision giving Choudary its "prestigious" 8.10am slot. Why? Because the day after the convictions "was not the morning" to give the cleric a platform. Was this really the morning to offer an apologist for murder, and an associate of the murderer, the most prestigious broadcast slot on British radio? asks Katwala. He clearly believes it wasn't.

Meanwhile, the Daily Telegraph's Tom Chivers says giving Choudary air time wasn't "free speech", it was "trolling". The BBC will doubtless say that all voices in the debate should be heard, Chivers writes, an explanation he describes as "nonsense".

"Choudary no more represents mainstream British Muslims that the Westboro Baptist Church represents American Christians," writes Chivers. "He is a fringe voice in a fringe community." Chivers adds: "He [Choudary] is an idiot and a thug, who wants to exploit the horror of Woolwich to make his own fatuous points about British foreign policy."

Choudary told the Today programme's John Humphrys that the "cause" of Rigby's murder was "David Cameron and his foreign policy". He added: "There is a war against our brothers and sisters around the world and I want to change that."

Choudary said his radical views did not mean he acted outside of the law. "I'm not inciting people to do anything, otherwise I'm sure I would be sitting behind bars," he said.

Paul Waugh, the editor of the PoliticsHome website, tweeted his disgust at the BBC's decision saying: "Can't believe Today prog has lowered itself into giving Anjem Choudary air time".

The Liberal Democrat peer, Lord Carlile, also voiced his disapproval when he appeared on the Today programme after Choudary. He described the cleric as "an outrageously bad influence on young Muslims in this country" and said Choudary "offends the law-abiding Muslim community that is proud to be British".


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Does this man live in this country & if so why

In regards to Ms. Cox's and Baroness Hussein-Ece's tweets.
Comforting comments but why haven't we ever seen significant counter protests to Mr. Choudhary's obnoxious escapades from these quarters?
I hesitate to blame the lack of visible action, as many others do, upon widespread sympathy for the views of the violent radicals. But would it not be a bit too charitable to discount fecklessness and outright cowardess as possible factors?
As we can see Mr. Manzoor was handed a significant opportunity to become an acceptable face of opposition to Mr. Choudhary's ilk and failed to do so. In that shoddy decision he appears to be representing far too many.

Choudary should be deported and have his citizenship revoked for treason as should every person who has travelled to any terrorist camp or war zone,these scum have no respect for our way of life and are invited to leave forthwith.

Yes, allegedly on benefits. Unfortunately he was born here, so can't be deported.

hes even wearing the same n same color stupid hat as the killers aswell. I HATE this person. Yep thats right i HATE him, government are being taken for mugs. Just use common sence and get rid of the waste of space. Kill him even, as far as hes concern hell have 40 virgins waiting so whats the problem there?

If he can't be deported surely he can be prosecuted for inciting religious or racial hatred I bet if it were a christian preacher saying similar preachings something would have been done & where have all the PC brigade been very quiet haven't they

Earlier commentator asked why haven't the government done anything about this man good question maybe it is because their policies & inaction has been the cause of dreadful acts like this difficult to answer at a local level because these policies are world wide set by a small group of who basically have control over us & the politicians who are supposed to represent us

Oxygen of publicity.

What's this about "freedom of speech"? A country where tweeting something that somebody could possibly find offensive will likely result in a visit from the police at 3AM and ultimately result in a prison sentence doesn't sound like a free country to me. Britons have no business expecting freedom of speech.

You kuffars should not be suprised, being somewhat lower than pigs though not as low as Jews. Why does the BBC continue to promote the ideology of a murderer,thief,torturer,slaver,paedophile,liar,blasphemer at the license payers expense? and why do succesive politicos do nothing about it? Why is a Muslim in charge of religious affairs at the BBC? Why is there no inquiry ?

I’m not a resist but a simple man who observes. People of
different ethnic groups cannot live together. We must think of repatriation, a separation of ideal, interests and endeavors. As the world get smaller most lands have an acceptable level of citizenship and human rights which as consciences of
consolidation make sense. Many levels of unacceptance, human rights are as a result of consolidation of minorities, the inability to integrate. To live together we must live apart.

Here the thing - those we need to worry about listening to Choudary already are. There are plenty of people who would rather pretend his views don't exist or acknoweldge what he bases them on. They are the sorts of people who are objecting the loudest.

Much as I hate defending the BBC - in this case they were right. They have a duty to make people aware of what the threat of our society really is, and where it comes from.

He may represent a problem to other co-religionists - but they should be given their slot on Radio 4 to put their side. ( Its a shame it was just the token Lib Dem peer who was the counter point ).

Latest PEW survey - 9,000 muslims in 5 European countries = 75% want Sharia Law.
Your politicians are the problem. The truth is being hidden from you.

"Anjem Choudary was on Radio 4? Fairly sure the Muslim community would be horrified to think that he claiming to be a mouthpiece for them..."

Could be much worse tho. Imagine mass-beheader Muhammad claiming to be a mouthpiece for Muslims...

"Public" broadcasting is always a travesty; beaurocrats and insulated careerism make for very bad stewards of the freedom of speech. They protect for themselves while denying it to anyone that opposes the party line.

Sorry guys, but you deserve everything that´s coming to you. Why did you not go out in the streets the first time that Shariah courts were allowed in Great Britain?

The penalty for Treason is hanging.

Fleming's widow was stripped of her citizenship.

Fleming invented Penicillin.

The bigoted PC brigade are succeeding in their stated aim of our destruction. Check the Frankfurt School if you have doubts.

He was released without charges. This is PC bullying from high supported by the local Police Political Commissar.

I understand they were all actually elected as Police Commissioners.

They all have handlers to ensure that the Internationalist agenda is kept. Thats how the Western World is progressing the same way.

Get your news from other sources like the net. Economies on the license fee all programs are now politicised. Check the hidden messages in Enterprise.

and when mo had spouted off his hatred and chopped off the head of the interviewer, some would declare ' mohammed has nothing to do with islam '.

Chaudary is our best friend: he tells the truth!

Anyone who believes he represents the fringe is deluded. Brother Anjem knows his Islam. The only thing he doesn't do is that he engages in taqiyya, religiously mandated lying. He tells the truth, and that scares multicultural pop tarts because if forces them to rethink their position. But Britain (and Europe) must withdraw sanction to the soldiers of allah, otherwise their kids will live under sharia.

I want Anjem Choudary on TV every day to explain exactly what Islam is and what Muslims should do.

He knows more about Islam than those apologists for Islam like David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband.

Anjem Choudary is the norm for Muslim clerics in Islamic countries.

Nah, leave Choudry, we can handle him. Deport the BBC to Iran and send a camera team to cover their arrival.

Too much talk and whinging. We need the sort of action that would result from sending a radical Christian to Choudry's homeland. OR even on the streets of Londonistan.

The Brits would have been better under German rule than these backward 7th century savages. They offer NOTHING to the host country and mainly exist on the generous benefits that are provided. That idiot has never had a job!!!

They are allowed to take place, but have no legal significance. The whole point of our country is to allow people to believe what they want. We just have to think of a way to make atheism even more attractive and any form of religious extremism undesirable. It's tempting to just reject Islamic culture, but then by doing that you are no longer representing an alternative that is any better. Better to allow all ideologies and let the inequalities and lack of freedoms become apparent to all. The thing I do not think we should tolerate is segregation in any form. That's a huge problem for young Muslims who are offered no alternative when born into a family of strict (and misguided) beliefs about how people should live. Let everyone think what they want and be given the choice, eventually even the least educated and most impressionable people in society will realise that religions are obsolete as tools of moral guidance. I mean even just 150 years ago we ourselves thought Christianity meant something, we found out it was nonsense of our own accord. Now we have taken the best values from Christianity and abandoned its use as a justification of violence and intolerance (ie. the bit where you are subject to an unelected authoritarian deity).

I agree. People should be allowed to believe whatever they want, even pray to a stone if they like. But we cannot allow them to throw that stone at you. And that's precisely what happens with your parallel legal system. People are married in it, women's value is half of that of a man, and left unprotected.
Islam is an all encompassing ideology, which enslaves Muslims from cradle to grave. Those who emigrated to the West to get free, are now bound again by the net of Shariah. Thanks Great Britain for your openness and political correctness.

Even in Africa, the BBC gives Islam a lot support indirectly. Example are the broadcast of Hausa by the BBC is a point in time in Nigeria. Among all the languages, on Hausa is singled out. Swahili is also being broadcast in Kenya. The two countries have the same religious instability, curtesy of BBC.
As for the uk, there shall be gnashing of teeth in the near future (Islamic REpublic of Britain). We are watching from Nigeria.


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