Leveson accused of police corruption cover-up

Mar 2, 2014

Former intelligence officer accuses judge of ignoring corruption among senior police officers

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LONDON, THURSDAY: Lord Justice Leveson leaves the stage after delivering his findings into the culture, practices and ethics of the press following a 16-month inquiry. He called for a new independent press regulator to be backed up with a change in the law. 

A FORMER British Army intelligence officer whose computer was hacked by the News of the World has accused Sir Brian Leveson of covering up “serious police corruption at the highest level”.

Ian Hurst has contacted the judicial watchdog with his complaint, according to the Independent on Sunday.

“In his letter sent to the Judicial Conduct Investigations Office,” the paper reports, “the former spy said Sir Brian ‘covered up’ the existence of a Scotland Yard intelligence report detailing a corrupt relationship between a very senior former police officer and a News of the World executive – neither of whom have ever been charged with criminal offences.”

Hurst says the judge “failed in his judicial duty” to address inappropriate collusion between the police, the press and politicians.

The dispute revolves around a report Hurst produced into allegations that “very senior police officers” were aware that phone hacking and computer hacking were taking place and allowed it to continue.

Hurst says that Sir Brian at first encouraged him to compile the report but later rejected his evidence.

According to the Independent on Sunday, Sir Brian “did not respond to requests for comment”.

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Hurst was never an officer, he was a Sergeant who in the words of many is a "dangerous fantasist". John Yates was the senior policeman implicated and the whole mess links to bent ex cop Derek Haslam, who along with Sid Fillery (jailed for child porn offences) was with "Southern Investigations" and sabotaged the Daniel Morgan murder inquiry.

Take no notice of the troll posting above as me. He stole my online identity three years ago following the acrimonious breakup of our short lived civil partnership. He posts vile lies about people hoping I will get sued.

Really? Identity theft? Isn't that what Derek Gordon Haslam of 9. Lynn Rd, PE38 does? I tried ringing 01366-377658 and 07867-531288 but could not understand a word. Jellied eels anyone?