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May 2, 2014

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 The Week magazine makes sense of the week's news by distilling the best of the British and international media into a succinct digest. This week’s issue includes the following features: 

Will the Farage bubble burst? UKIP are surging ahead in the latest polls, but why are they doing so well? 

The growing power of the taxman
George Osborne’s latest tax proposals threaten to make a bad situation worse. Why are tax tribunals such an explosive issue?  

“I begged the young man for 50p but he wouldn’t relent” Read Sue Townsend on life before Adrian Mole and her experiences with the DSS as a single mother of three.     

Thomas Piketty: the “rock star” economist He’s taken the US by storm with his controversial book on Capitalism’s problems, hailed as a “watershed book in economic thinking” and top of the US Amazon bestseller charts.

The decline of violence The latest Crime Survey shows a 25 per cent decrease in incidents from 6 years ago.  What’s behind this?

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