Prescott hits at Sun’s 'titillating' Reeva Steenkamp cover

Feb 15, 2013

John Prescott urges tabloid readers to complain about treatment of Pistorius murder story

THE FRONT page of today's Sun newspaper, showing murdered South African model Reeva Steenkamp in a pink bikini next to the headline "3 shots. Screams. Silence", drew an angry reaction from Labour heavyweight John Prescott.

The former deputy PM took to Twitter this morning to denounce the paper's "titillating" treatment of the model's death allegedly at the hand of her boyfriend, the Paralympic sprinter Oscar Pistorius.

In a message addressed to Rupert Murdoch's Twitter account, Prescott described the cover as "a new low" for the paper. "Do you really think this is appropriate?" he asked. Prescott also tweeted the telephone number of The Sun and editor Dominic Mohan's work email address, with the hashtag #HerNameWasReevaSteenkamp, urging the tabloid's readers to complain. 

Prescott claimed The Sun had paid £35,000 for the picture of Steenkamp and said he hoped members of the Shadow Cabinet would now think twice before writing articles for the newspaper. 

Yahoo News said many users of social media agreed with Prescott that the Sun's cover appeared to be an attempt to "titillate its readers with the image of a woman who had been recently murdered". The fact that the paper had described her on its cover as "Pistorius's lover" rather than using her name, was also a source of anger.

Yahoo points out that similar coverage of Steenkamp's murder was provided by other tabloids, who showed several photographs of the model in revealing clothing, but "none chose to put the images on the front page, next to the news of the killing".

Marina Hyde, writing in The Guardian under the headline 'Reeva Steenkamp's corpse was in the morgue, her body was on the Sun's front page', noted that the tabloid abandoned its topless page three photo today - "maybe because that particular itch had been scratched" by the appearance of the bikini-clad murder victim on the cover.

A petition posted on the website calling on the Sun to apologise for its "shocking" and "disrespectful" cover had been signed by more than 2,000 people at the time of posting.

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Labour Heavyweight you must be referring to his weight gained by years of sponging off the taxpayer

I wish idiots like you would crawl away under stones.

I'm not a Prescott fan...far from it... I just wish idiots like you would go away.

And just so we understand how awful it was of the Sun to print the picture, you print the picture. Very kind of you.

Just remind me how did John Prescott treat women himself ?

Go screw yourself. Our country has been raped by liebour and the con-dems with their surrender to europe and open door immigration which has made us foriegners in our cities. Only UKIP will stop the gravy train and make us GREAT again. VOTE UKIP.

'Go screw yourself... VOTE UKIP' Is that the current UKIP slogan? Should do well!

To give some context to the article perhaps?

As soon as you write "liebour" you show yourself to be very childish.

What does the death of a young woman in SA have to do with British politics?

Now please grow up.

I love having the chance to admire the female form, whether naked or just in a bikini the female is divine yes?