Israeli missile 'error' kills nine members of Gaza family

Nov 19, 2012

Air strike meant for leader of Hamas rocket teams kills nine members of the wrong family


NINE members of one family, including four children aged between two and seven, have been killed after the Israeli Defence Forces picked out the wrong house in Gaza City for a missile strike.

According to IDF spokesman Yoav Mordechai, the intended target was the home of Yehiya Rabiah, the man who heads Hamas's rocket-firing teams. Instead the missile hit the neighbouring house of Mohamed Dalou, described by the media as either a Hamas policeman or a local grocer.

Israel newspaper Haaretz claims it was told by an IDF source that the strike had hit Dalou's house because of a "technical error". The IDF will say only that the strike incurred "civilian casualties", according to the BBC.

Dalou survived because he was out at the time, but nine family members died. They are understood to be five women and four children - Sara, 7, Jamal, 6, Yusef, 4, and Ibrahim, 2.

The children were laid out in the local morgue. Hamas police struggled to control furious friends and relatives who tried to force their way in to see the bodies.

Hamas's military wing said: "The massacre of the Dalou family will not pass without punishment."

Shehda Dalou, a relative, told The Daily Telegraph: "He wasn't politically affiliated. They were just a normal family. This is just a normal street. They said the kids had been watching TV when the bomb hit."

Two neighbours, both men, are also believed to have died in the missile attack. It is not clear whether they were in the house of the 'target', Yehiya Rabiah.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said last night he was “deeply saddened” by the deaths of the Dalou family and other Palestinians, but was also "alarmed” by the continuing firing of rockets against Israeli towns. "This must stop,” he said. “I strongly urge the parties to co-operate with all efforts led by Egypt to reach an immediate ceasefire."

At the time of posting, the death toll since the IDF embarked on Operation Pillar of Defence last Wednesday stands as 86 Palestinians and three Israelis.

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Chicken and egg! The fact that the Palestinians are firing rockets into Israel is because Israel continues to occupy/annex Palestinian land because the Palestinians continue to pose a potent threat because the Israelis continue to occupy/annex Palestinian land because the Palestinians continue to pose a potent threat ad infinitum et cetera et cetera - get my point?

Only the USA can break this deadlock - perhaps Obama has nothing to lose, in his second term in office, by banging some heads together at last!

The Israelis are getting away with murder. And the Americans, or should I say Obama, are giving their full support. If any other country dared to do what they do the world would be screaming in horror...

Well said indeed.

1. It is not just the fact that Obama supports this in public, it is the fact there is unreserved implicit support by world leaders for the savagery by Jews to undertake a holocaust in the Gaza strip. Yet, the whole world is supposed to sympathise with the Jews for what happened to them in the last century to the point where it is illegal to even criticize the Jews. How did that come about?

2. Why does not any leader demand that the Jews abide by UN Resolution 242, and, yet, all found an excuse for hound the Iraqis, Iranians and Koreans for not abiding by UN resolutions? To the extreme, where they illegally invaded Iraq for not abiding by UN resolutions to disarm WMDs that did not exist.

3. So, why is the Jews don't have to follow international rules? What makes them special?

4. Why does the world have to mindful of the Jews being murdered last century, when there were heinous crimes of ethnic cleansing in Rwanda, Congo, the Balkan war to name a few...

5. Which UN resolution or rule says that only the Jews are allowed to have nuclear weapons and nobody else in the middle east?

6. Why is there no protest from the US (or the Europeans) about the Jews and their possession of nuclear weapons?

7. Why is that the US tolerates the Jews using chemical weapons - they used phosphorus bombs in Gaza in 2008 invasion - and not one critical mention of that?

In a press conference PM Netanyahu once said that it was the Jews who ran the USA... that says it all.

So the Jews murder innnocent people and it becomes an "error". Kill one Jew and it becomes a war crime, a did that come about?

Just three Jews died and the world's press gets in a tizzy and spends 10 minutes air time wringing their hands over 3 Jews dying. On the other side of the coin, >60 muslims die and the world's press spends <30 seconds covering the deaths.

The BBC spends 60 second segment showing Jews afraid and taking shelter. Showing pock-marked building. They spend less than half that time on the other side where there is more death and more destruction.

So now the world is being brainwashed into thinking that only the Jews have more suffering and pain in fewer numbers, while the muslims are allowed to perish and suffer in larger numbers.

Ergo - a Jew's life has more value than a muslim's life?? How did that come about? And, I thought it was only the Americans who believed that an American life has more value than anyone else's in this world?

How sad. Innocent casualties of war. The army didn't kill them on purpose. If Hamas had the weapons the Israelis had, just imagine the casualties! They want to hurt civilians on purpose. It is a tactic. Again here is "International laws" posting about Jews Jews Jews, honestly what a little angry bigot you are! I already know your a Muslim because I can tell by what your ranting about in your posts. I know plenty of Jews and Muslims who are friends and who can hold an intelligent conversation about what they believe because they are not bigoted. People like you will always just see what you want to in the world, never listen to anyone else's opinion because it's not the same as yours and therefore never ever be able to change anyone's opinion on anything, ever. You will live to rant to the converted and be laughed at or pitied by everyone else. You poor, sad little man

Whatever country you live in, imagine if terrorists start sending hundreds of missiles into it designed to kill you and your family. I wonder how you would feel about it then, Armchair commentator. Pretty sure YOU would be screaming in real horror


1. Hamas is an elected entity in a democratic election - and democracy is what the United States of Jews (aka USA) is trying to promote in the middle east - remember the bull about the Bush doctrine of bringing democracy to the middle east? So, when the Jews decided to kill a representative of a democratically elected entity called Hamas, what were the Jews thinking? That they can just go into another territory and kill their officials. If Hamas killed a member of Likud, should they expect the Jews to sit there quietly and accept the assassination? Hello?

2. There is no point in harping on about the Jews needing to defend themselves - so does everybody else in that region and everywhere else in the world - so why should the Jews be the only ones to get special treatment and consideration? Why cant the Muslims in that region use the same pathetic excuses that the Jews use? Why can't the Lord's Resistance Army use the same argument for their atrocities, or the Hutus for theirs, or the Congolese, or the Shining Path in Peru/Bolivia....What makes the Jews so special that they can violate international laws in the name of self-defense?

3. What about the Jews following UN resolution 242, if they expect the muslims to follow UN resolutions? Why is nobody asking this?

4. Should Hitler have been allowed to finish his grand plan for a Final Solution? If he had, is it likely that the world might not have had to deal with the Jewish problem in the middle east today?

5. Why does <1% of total humanity like the Jews suck up so much attention and resource in this world, when there are so many other more pressing problems to deal with?

6. Why are the Jews allowed to have a blockade on the Gaza strip, deny goods and services to the muslims in Gaza, and worst of all kill the democratically elected officials? And then, on top of that the Jews expect the muslims to maintain control of militants after they have destroyed the infrastructure that was trying to bring semblance of control in the first place??

7. If the Jews did not perpertrate the savagery and holocaust on the muslims, the rest of us might have had more sympathy - but they have done nothing but their best to lost world sympathy from those of us who would otherwise have been sitting on the fence instead of asking the hard questions above.....

The Jews may fool the USA all of the time, but they cannot fool the rest of the world all of the time...

This is a response to Palestinians firing rockets into Israeli territory: it's within the ambit of the Palestinian authority to stop this right now by ordering an immediate ceasefire.

And you are absolutely right...and that is why it really should be the United States of Jews not USA.
And, because the Jews run the US, it is the only reason why under US law any Jew, or even any American for that matter, can send donations to any Jew charity in the middle east and get a tax deduction regardless of the size of the donation. On the other side of the coin, the US law does not allow the same kind of deduction if you send a donation to a muslim charity or any other one kind - including Christian charities - outside of the US.

And then on top of that the world is expected to walk on eggshells when it comes to dealing with the Jew or talking about a Jew.

The Palestinians are firing rockets in response to the ASSASSINATION of one of their leaders (which killed 3 other people in the process). The Zionists have bombed the police headquarters, television stations and even the office of the LEGITIMATELY ELECTED prime minister. I do not condone the rocket firing but Israel only have themselves to blame.

The Israelis are shelling the sites where rockets are launched from and which shelter the terrorists. These sites include all the ones that you mention. Saying that the Israelis have only themselves to blame is like saying the US and the UK have only themselves to blame for 9/11 and 7/7. I realise you agree with the Palestinians and disagree with the Israelis, but this in and of itself does not make the former right and the latter wrong.

1. Hamas is not a legitimately elected body nor is it a democracy. It's members won some seats in the Gazan government but the group later took over the entire organization through armed conflict in 2006.
2. "International laws" have done nothing to stop the rocket fire aimed at Israeli civlians. According to the UN, the IDF has already violated international laws. Is anyone going to do anything about it? No. Should they? No.
3. Israeli withdrawal from land gained in the 1967 war is the basis of ongoing negotiations. The possession of land does not pose a major security threat anyone, whereas nuclear weapons in the hands of Iran certainly do.
4. Genocide is a violation of international law. But I'm sure you already knew that.
5. They don't.
6. Israel is at war with Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip. Israel is well within its right to enforce a blockade against the area so long as it allows humanitarian supplies to be delivered, which it has done.
7. Your sympathy means nothing to the Israelis because you are weak-minded, emotional, and naive. They are perfectly capable of fighting their own battles, which they have done for the past 60 years.

Does not matter what drivel is thrown around by Jews or Jew lovers as an excuse for their savagery, it still doesn't address the issues they never want to answer properly:

1. Why are the Jews allowed to flout international laws and call on them for international support when its convenient?
2. Ever noticed and wondered why is it that the ultra-offensive Jews always hide their real accent and instead speak with a flawless American accent - Netanhayu is a case in example?
3. Why is that the Jews never publicly admit that Zionists like Moshe Dayan were themselves terrorists in their time? And wait...the US did not have them on the list of terrorists....because the Jews run the US?
4. Why do the Jews have nuclear weapons of mass destruction and no IAEA inspectors to look into that? How did that come about?
5. Why are the Jews not convicted for war crimes for using weapons of mass destruction, like phosphorus bombs in the Gaza strip?
6. Why do Jews hide their real identity behind Anglo-Saxon names? No wait, I think I can answer that one: because the Zionists are scared to let go of their mama's apron strings and go out into the world like real men using their real names...

Your antisemitism would have done Hitler proud. Congratulations for standing on the bodies of dead Palestinian women and children to promote your vile attitudes.

You should be ashamed of yourself. is the Jews who are literally - not even metaphorically - standing on the bodies of dead Palestinians even as repartee was typed. As of end of Monday, it was >100 dead Palestinians in retaliation for 3 dead Jews....So, why are you avoiding congratulating the Jews for creating a Palestinian Holocaust? Hello???

Thanks for handing this one on the plate...because here it is:

Since when has it become fashionable to be labelled anti-semitic just because poignant questions are being asked about the vicious and savage holocaust being carried out by the Jews in the middle east?


There are plenty of Jews who do not approve of what Israel is doing - look at Daniel Barenboim's website for example - just as there are plenty of fundamentalist Christians who approve of what Israel is doing.

My complaint is about your antisemitism. For example, your continual use of terms such as "Jew Lover" and your racial (and racist) sterotyping. And take, again, your comments above beginning "Ever noticed and wondered why is it that the ultra-offensive Jews always hide their real accent..." and "Why do Jews hide their real identity behind Anglo-Saxon names?". Neither of these is anything to do with the tragedy unfolding in the Middle East. Instead, they denigrate and slander an entire group of people, many of whom do not live in Israel and are not party to this conflict.

The Holocaust happened with the support of people with attitudes like yours. Maybe that doesn't bother you, but it sure as hell bothers me.

Martyn. Thank you.

You note a point that makes absolute sense. By extension, then, your point also concurs with the notion that muslims too are denigrated and slandered (and vilified) as an entire group of people, (even though there are) many of whom do not live in the middle east and (are) not party to the conflict.

In the future, reference will be made to Israel, rather than Jews.

But it still does not change my attitude (whether you want to call me anti-semitic or not, I really don't care), and my attitude is this: Why is there no one calling out Israel for violating UN resolutions and international laws time and again (in the name of 'self-defense') whilst committing atrocities and a genocidal holocaust on the Palestinians in the Gaza strip? Why is there no one calling for Israel to be charged for war crimes against humanity when it used chemical weapons of mass destruction (phosphorus bombs) in its 2008 war on Gaza? Why is it that the Mossad machine is caught red-handed violating international laws for using fake identities and passports of other countries, roam the globe and murder foreign nationals on foreign soil, and yet nobody wants to bring the Israelis to justice for these blatant violations of civilized behavior and international laws? Why is it that anyone questioning anything about Israeli attitudes and actions is automatically considered an anti-semite? How did this situation come about? So, Martyn, those questions sum up my attitude, and IF you are going label me anti-semitic for asking these questions - then, I AM PROUD TO BE AN ANTI-SEMITE - - I give you full support in shouting it out from the rooftops.

Asking about why Jews have Anglo-Saxon names (WTF do you mean?) and about the way that Jews speak are not "poignant questions" and have nothing to do with the conflict in the Middle East. And your question about whether Hitler should have been allowed to finish his Final Solution so that "the world might not have had to deal with the Jewish problem in the middle east today" is frankly disgusting. As I said previously, you should be ashamed of yourself.

I am not in any way a supporter of Israel, and I believe that their settlement policy is illegal, misguided and the greatest possible danger for the rest of the world.

However, you have not, in any of your previous posts, talked about Israel, even in the context of UN Resolutions or the blockade of the Gaza Strip. You have talked consistently about "the Jews" (and, incidentally, if you want to be authentically and proudly antisemitic, you should talk about "The Jew" just as Hitler did). You have also repeated classic anti-Semitic memes that were being used 80 years ago. That is antisemitic, whether you like it (as I suspect you do) or not.

You are a racist, just as those people who characterise all Muslims as terrorists and all black people as drug-dealers are racists. You've proved that already, and whether you talk from here on in about Israel or not, you are still a racist. I don't need to shout that from the rooftops: you've already done it for yourself.


Yes, I am a racist and I am an anti-semite, and I'll take any other names that you have yet to concoct. I am all of those. Amen. Any name you want to stick on to me...make my day.

But in the end, it still does not take away the fact that none of the questions to be addressed at the core are going to go away : instead of dealing with these questions, the strategy of the deniers has always been to deflect away these real hard questions by bringing up the anti-semitic and the racist cards.

Not any more, chief.

Whatever. Your first sentence days it all.

We have heard this error CD for far too long.

Shehda Dalou, a relative, told The Daily Telegraph: "He wasn't politically affiliated. They were just a normal family...
Hamas's military wing said: "The massacre of the Dalou family will not pass without punishment."

Anyone wondered how the Hamas managed to seize yet another non politically involved family mistakenly killed in their place as another excuse for 'retaliation'... Shouldn't they shut up and offer apologies and support to the Dalou family maybe?
Another question: how is it that the Hamas is constantly shooting missiles into Israel and yet they seem to have an unending supply of these - while being surrounded by Israel; who supplies them and how are they supplied? Who finances their war (or is it not a war - from many comments I read, it seems that their rain of missiles is just legal and no more than a game, something to take with a pinch of salt, just because they don't kill that many Israeli)? Lucky they cannot use the same technology as the Israeli or the holocaust would have been total there).
When will ALL sides calm down and do what is right finally? All it takes is drop all armoury and - once calmed down - talk respectfully with each other seeking the common good - and that may require less politics and politicians and more real simple down-to-earth and compassionate people. It never should be an issue of who wins what but what truly benefits all.
Is there really no hope ever and can't men show any wisdom at all...