Algeria hostage drama: 'two of the militants were Canadian'

One-Minute Read Mon 21 Jan, AT 15:42

Prime Minister Sellal says one ringleader was Canadian but security source claims two

The threat from Africa: Gaddafi warned it would happen

Mon 21 Jan, AT 14:31 Robert Fox

Western governments have not taken seriously enough the emergence of new networks of jihadi groups

Assad 'may have used gas' against Syrian rebels

Talking Point Thu 17 Jan, AT 10:29

Was poisonous gas Agent 15 used on rebels to test America's chemical weapons ultimatum?

Refugees battle 'horrendous' conditions on Syrian border

One-Minute Read Thu 10 Jan, AT 15:11

'Animals live better than this in the West,' says doctor shocked by death and despair at Camp Atmeh

Syrian tailor: How I survived Assad regime firing squad

One-Minute Read Tue 8 Jan, AT 09:58

As shooting started, Mohammed Ali fainted. He awoke to find himself surrounded by dead bodies

West dismisses Assad speech as Syrian opposition fights on

First Reaction Mon 7 Jan, AT 08:30

Syrian president makes first appearance since June, but his speech is greeted with derision

Saudi jets ‘join US strikes against al-Qaeda in Yemen'

One-Minute Read Fri 4 Jan, AT 09:44

Saudi Arabia said to have secretly joined America's 'undeclared aerial war' against terrorists in Yemen

Obama backs Syrian rebels - so why are they frustrated?

First Reaction Wed 12 Dec, AT 14:03

US formally 'recognises' Syrian opposition but with no promise of assistance it's seen as a 'half-step'

Nadia Sediqqi killing highlights threat to Afghan women

One-Minute Read Mon 10 Dec, AT 11:37

Murder of a senior bureaucrat proves that women face spiralling violence in Afghanistan

Crispin Black

Chemical weapons threat does not justify UK going into Syria

Wed 5 Dec, AT 09:57 Crispin Black

Gen Richards can't think of a military reason why the British Army shouldn't go in. Well, some of us can...