Syria: 'Time runs out' for 'chemical attack' probe

Summary Fri 23 Aug, AT 09:37

As UN chief Ban Ki-Moon urges immediate inspection of site, experts warn evidence is already fading

Egypt: hopes of democracy die as Brotherhood faces eradication

Mon 19 Aug, AT 15:29 Robert Fox

The notion that the Arab Spring would produce stable, democratic, open government was naive and even delusional

Hosni Mubarak

Egypt: Mubarak to be freed as violence continues

Summary Mon 19 Aug, AT 12:41

Obama under pressure to respond to army violence as 36 prisoners killed by tear gas

Egyptians are paying in blood for Obama's hopeless indecision

Fri 16 Aug, AT 12:17 Robert Fox

This marks the biggest retreat from global responsibility by a US President since Woodrow Wilson in 1919

Egypt braced for more violence after calls for 'march of anger'

Summary Fri 16 Aug, AT 09:01

Security forces to use live ammunition as rival protests are planned and US and UN call for calm

Democracy endangered by Egyptian army's bloody assault

First Reaction Thu 15 Aug, AT 12:25

Threat of civil war after yesterday's crackdown would chiefly benefit terrorists like al-Qaeda

Cairo: '40 dead' as Egyptian army clears pro-Morsi camps

One-Minute Read Wed 14 Aug, AT 09:19

Teargas, bulldozers and live ammunition used as military move in after weeks of protest

Morsi supporters brace for new assault by Egyptian army

One-Minute Read Mon 12 Aug, AT 09:58

Threat of more bloodshed if interim government takes heavy-handed approach to dispersing protest camps