Adolf Hitler

Holocaust Memorial Day: time to face up to Hitler within us

Mon 27 Jan, AT 11:50 The Conversation

69 years after liberation of Auschwitz, we must acknowledge rise of race hate, says Rainer Schulze

Ban Ki-moon

Syria peace summit begins: can talks stop the bloody civil war?

Talking Point Wed 22 Jan, AT 09:32

Foreign ministers descend on Montreux despite 'near-zero' expectations of a political breakthrough

Geneva 2: torture photos put onus on humanitarian solution

Tue 21 Jan, AT 12:54 Venetia Rainey

Such cruelty is not confined to the regime's prisons: humanitarian goals must take centre stage at talks

Syria 'killed and tortured' 11,000 detainees, say lawyers

First Reaction Tue 21 Jan, AT 10:00

Evidence of 'systemic killing' by government officials emerges day before start of peace talks

Syria: Iran invitation throws peace talks into 'disarray'

One-Minute Read Mon 20 Jan, AT 09:07

Syrian Opposition threatens to boycott talks after Ban Ki-Moon extends invitation to Tehran

Egyptian ballet paper depicting a yes vote

Egypt: huge vote for new constitution opens way for Sisi

First Reaction Thu 16 Jan, AT 10:10

With voter support for new charter as high as 98%, military chief is almost certain to run for presidency

West sends spies to Syria to counter jihadist threat

One-Minute Read Wed 15 Jan, AT 08:59

There's a 'schism' between those in West who want Assad gone and those who fear what replaces him

An Egyptian man votes

Egypt: fears of violence as vote on new constitution begins

Briefing Tue 14 Jan, AT 09:37

Draft charter seen as 'referendum' on removal of president Morsi and gives military more power

Ariel Sharon: a time to eulogise or to face the brutal facts?

Sat 11 Jan, AT 17:12 Venetia Rainey

As Sharon's death is announced from Tel Aviv, young Israelis look to the future not the past

Ariel Sharon: whatever his faults he was a great soldier

Tue 7 Jan, AT 15:19 Crispin Black

The feat Sharon pulled off in the Yom Kippur War made him a heroic general and saviour of Israel