Lockerbie bombing

Lockerbie bombing: has the truth finally been revealed?

Briefing Tue 11 Mar, AT 11:28

Former Iranian intelligence officer claims Iran was behind the Pan Am Flight 103 disaster, not Libya

Ultra-orthodox Jewish protestors

Israeli ultra-orthodox protest against army draft

One-Minute Read Mon 3 Mar, AT 14:37

Israeli government plans to enlist 5,200 ultra-orthodox Jews – previously exempt from the draft – by mid-2017

Moazzam Begg charged with Syria terror offences

One-Minute Read Sat 1 Mar, AT 08:09

British Guantanamo detainee arrested last week charged with providing terrorist training in Syria

Gold bars

Dubai gold refinery paid '$5bn in cash and dealt with Congo'

First Reaction Wed 26 Feb, AT 13:54

Whistleblower accuses the Middle East's largest refinery of failing to carry out proper checks

Secret weapon behind Chuck Hagel’s plan to shrink US army

Tue 25 Feb, AT 12:58 Crispin Black

It’s oil. Self-sufficient in energy because of shale oil, the US no longer needs to fret about the sheiks

Egypt's government in 'shock' resignation, paving way for Sisi

One-Minute Read Mon 24 Feb, AT 13:05

Armed forces chief, Field Marshal Abdul Fattah al-Sisi, widely expected to become president

Egypt: journalists in court on 'absurd' terrorism charges

One-Minute Read Thu 20 Feb, AT 14:08

Al Jazeera accused of being a 'mouthpiece of Islamists' as terrorism trial gets underway

Lebanon's war with al-Qaeda: is it a losing battle?

Thu 20 Feb, AT 08:41 Venetia Rainey

Hezbollah is not the perpetrator but the target because of its decision to fight alongside Assad in Syria

Crispin Black

Cameron must stop British jihadists returning from Syria

Wed 19 Feb, AT 10:27 Crispin Black

Here's a solution: forbid any British subject from travelling to Syria unless registered with a charity

Ansar Beit al-Maqdis claim responsibilty for the attack

Egypt: Islamist terror group gives tourists two days to leave

One-Minute Read Wed 19 Feb, AT 09:55

Ansar Beit al-Maqdis has threatened to attack tourists if they don't leave Egypt by Thursday