Syria crisis: Obama hints at wider action against Assad

Summary Tue 3 Sep, AT 10:20

US attack may seek to 'degrade' Syria's military, but Assad says intervention risks a regional war

David Cameron

PM rules out fresh vote on Syria despite political mood swing

Mon 2 Sep, AT 15:40 The Mole

Members of all three main parties believe that 'compelling new evidence' requires a fresh vote – but PM is adamant it won't happen

Robert Fox

What Obama risks if Congress gives backing for Syria attack

Mon 2 Sep, AT 09:01 Robert Fox

More and more voices are agreed: the ‘narrow, limited operation' proposed by Obama simply won't work

'Napalm' attack: might earlier disclosure have changed vote?

Talking Point Fri 30 Aug, AT 15:25

BBC's film of 'Napalm-like' attack on Syrian playground was screened when Commons was already sitting

Saudi Arabia outlaws domestic abuse - too little, too late?

First Reaction Fri 30 Aug, AT 12:18

Human rights activists welcome new law to protect women and children, but does it go far enough?


The Syrian Electronic Army: Amateurs or Assad PR arm?

Briefing Thu 29 Aug, AT 09:48

A group of hackers supporting the Syrian government is targeting the western media

Threat of Syria attack sends markets tumbling

One-Minute Read Wed 28 Aug, AT 12:39

Investors' fear of more Middle East turmoil sends oil prices soaring and hits Asian stocks hard

Bashar al-Assad

Syria: US readies missile attack but Assad warns it will ‘fail'

Summary Mon 26 Aug, AT 09:00

US and UK ready cruise missile strike as UN inspectors finally allowed to visit site of chemical attack

Syria: 'Time runs out' for 'chemical attack' probe

Summary Fri 23 Aug, AT 09:37

As UN chief Ban Ki-Moon urges immediate inspection of site, experts warn evidence is already fading