Syria: scramble to evacuate Homs as ceasefire is extended

One-Minute Read Wed 12 Feb, AT 09:55

Warring sides in Syria blame one another for an escalation in violence that has killed hundreds in recent days

Syrian refugee crisis: where is Lebanon's tipping point?

Fri 7 Feb, AT 09:45 Venetia Rainey

As another 50,000 Syrians register in one month, Lebanese generosity is being stretched to the limit


Libyan chemical weapons 'safely destroyed' with US help

One-Minute Read Mon 3 Feb, AT 12:08

As efforts continue to neutralise Syria's chemical weapons, Gaddafi's stockpile has been eliminated

Scarlett Johansson SodaStream row: what's going on?

Briefing Thu 30 Jan, AT 12:55

Actress quits as ambassador for Oxfam amid row over her support for Israeli drinks maker

Hundreds of vulnerable Syrians to be given refuge in UK

One-Minute Read Wed 29 Jan, AT 09:30

Amnesty says move is 'long overdue' but polls suggest nearly half of voters are opposed

Egypt's ex-president appears in court in soundproof glass cage

One-Minute Read Tue 28 Jan, AT 15:24

Mohammed Morsi silenced by government as he faces charges relating to 2011 jail break

Adolf Hitler

Holocaust Memorial Day: time to face up to Hitler within us

Mon 27 Jan, AT 11:50 The Conversation

69 years after liberation of Auschwitz, we must acknowledge rise of race hate, says Rainer Schulze

Ban Ki-moon

Syria peace summit begins: can talks stop the bloody civil war?

Talking Point Wed 22 Jan, AT 09:32

Foreign ministers descend on Montreux despite 'near-zero' expectations of a political breakthrough

Geneva 2: torture photos put onus on humanitarian solution

Tue 21 Jan, AT 12:54 Venetia Rainey

Such cruelty is not confined to the regime's prisons: humanitarian goals must take centre stage at talks