Kia Cee'd Sportswagon estate: comfortable but pricey

Sep 13, 2012

What the motoring press is saying about the Kia Cee'd Sportswagon


Price: From £16,895

Pros: Spacious boot, quality interior, generous equipment

Cons: Awkward folding rear seats, higher prices that you'd expect, engines lack power

4/5, Carbuyer
"Kia's Cee’d Sportswagon offers an interesting alternative to the Ford Focus Estate, Vauxhall Astra Sports Tourer or Volkswagen Golf Estate. Interesting not only due to the seven-year warranty, but because it offers marginally more space than its rivals, some impressive quality and a decent level of comfort, too. Don’t go thinking the Sportswagon is sporty, though – in spite of the fancy Flex Steer system, with its Sport, Comfort or Normal modes, that's about as sporty as this car gets. Being called Comfortwagon would be closer to the mark thanks to the laid-back nature of the two diesel engines (there's no real punch to either of them) and the smooth ride. Equipment levels will pamper you, although Kias aren’t cheap anymore – the Sportswagon is priced at the same level as its Ford, Vauxhall and VW rivals."

4/5, Auto Express
"The Cee’d Sportwagon delivers on space and comfort, even if it isn’t as stylish as the hatch, and the rear seats could be easier to fold. It's nicely refined and comfortable, too, although a bit more power would be nice. Then there's the price – Kia's aren’t cheap anymore. Which stacks them up against some seriously talented opposition, some of which drive better and can be bought more cheaply."

4/5, What Car?
"The new Ceed Sportswagon is a practical family estate that provides loads of room and plenty of kit for a competitive price – as long as you steer clear of the range-topping model. Cheaper versions should be on the list of anyone after a roomy and sensible estate."

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