Jaguar launches 'scintillating' new F-Type model in Paris

Sep 27, 2012

British manufacturer finally comes up with a sexy successor to the iconic E-Type Jag


JAGUAR has unveiled it's latest model, the F-Type, 37 years after its famous predecessor the E-Type went out of production, and the new-look two-seater sports car has been given a rapturous reception.

The car was launched by sultry American singer Lana Del Rey, who has been chosen as the face of the new model, at an event at the Paris Motor Show on Wednesday. Its combination of contemporary and classic 1960s design has already won over the critics.
"Is this the sexiest car on the planet?" asks the Daily Mail, calling it a “scintillating sports car” with contemporary styling and “a particularly cute rear”.

The new car will come in three models – two with 3-litre V6 engines and the top model with a 5-litre V8 engine fitted to an eight-speed gearbox. It has already been dubbed the "Porsche-buster", says Mail.
The F-Type, which closely resembles Jaguar's C-X16 concept car shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year, takes Jaguar "back to its roots", according to Top Gear. The BBC show also describes the F-Type as "nifty", "fruity" and "rather lovely".
"[It] represents a welcome return to Jaguar's strongest tradition – the two-seater convertible sports car," says Auto Express. While Car Magazine claims "Jaguar executives are bouncing off the rev limiter with excitement about their new baby".
And with good reason, says The Independent. "The company thinks it has a winner on its hands. Since the most famous Jag of all, the E-Type, went out of production in 1975, Jaguar has produced several coupe and convertible models but never claimed that any of them was that car's true successor. The F-Type's name alone suggests that the company has now put such modesty behind it and and thinks this car will be a hit."
According to The Daily Telegraph, Ian Callum, Jaguar’s chief designer, "has turned out something of real worth and distinction in the new F-Type".
But although the new model may have captured hearts, is it the best move for Jaguar? The paper is not sure. "Jaguar's problems of slow sales are hardly going to be solved by this elegant two-seater," it warns. "The company desperately needs a wider range of saloons, more features on those it does have and possibly an SUV."
Then there is the price to consider. When it goes on sale next year the F-Type will start at almost £60,000 for the basic model and the V8 could cost as much as £100,000.
But while it might be out of most people's price ranges, it will have a positive effect on the UK economy. ITV points out that the F-Type will be manufactured in the Midlands and that it has helped secure more than 1,000 jobs at the Jaguar production plant in West Bromwich.

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