VW Golf hatchback: Stylish, efficient and practical

Oct 4, 2012

What the motoring press is saying about the VW Golf hatchback

Price: On sale January from £16,400 (est).
Pros: Big boot, high-quality interior, fuel efficiency.
Cons: Conservative styling, limited engine choice, lifeless steering.

4.7/5, Carbuyer 

“The VW Golf is quite possibly all the car you’ll ever need. It won’t help you stand out, but it is stylish, efficient and practical. By shedding up to 100kg, the [new] Golf feels more agile from behind the wheel. All engines are quiet and smooth on the move. What you’ll really notice is how quiet it is, even at motorway speeds. The interior is brilliantly insulated from wind and tyre noise so you feel calm and refreshed at the end of every journey. A combination of German engineering and quality materials mean this is a car that's built to last and stand up to the rigours of family life. With prices starting from a little over £16,000, it's hard to call the Golf cheap, but considering the quality of the product it's an extremely competitive price.”

5/5, What Car?

“The 1.4 petrol engine and the 2.0-litre diesel [both] feel strong and punchy. It's the petrol that's particularly impressive because it has a broader spread of power and is super-smooth, whether it's running on four- or two cylinders; you're unlikely to even notice it switching between the two. The only slight disappointment is that, aside from more sophisticated on-screen graphics, the perceived quality of the things you see and touch hasn't moved on. As a result, the Golf's cabin isn't as appealing as the latest Audi A3's, although it still feels a cut above most other rivals.”

5/5, Auto Express

“In isolation, the new Golf is predictably fantastic. In many ways, it’s the iPhone of the car world – it’s well designed and built and does everything you could ask of it. Its biggest test will come when it faces its sister cars – the good-looking SEAT Leon and plush Audi A3 – and our class current class leader, the BMW 1 Series. But from where we’re sitting, the Golf looks like a good bet.”

Unrated, Parker’s

“It doesn’t look a whole lot different from the current Golf but Volkswagen claims it is completely new. The reason for the similar looks is deliberate. VW says the evolution of the Golf design, with the company continually refining, tweaking and enhancing the car over the years, makes the design timeless.”

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