Honda CR-V: a spacious and safe 'on road' SUV

Oct 11, 2012

What the motoring press is saying about the Honda CR-V SUV


Price: £21,395 - £34,900

Pros: Hugely spacious interior, competitively priced, great build quality

Cons: Five-seater only, 2WD model is petrol only, not a proper off-roader

4.2/5, Carbuyer
"The Honda CR-V was one of the first SUVs to be introduced that prioritised driving on the road rather than going off it. It offers a high-up driving position, spacious interior and its size gives added security when driving in town. As well as space inside, Honda has given the CR-V a long list of luxury and safety equipment, but that has pushed the price up to the levels of premium rivals like the BMW X3 and Audi Q5. Honda has made the CR-V more comfortable to drive, and it benefits from Honda's legendary reliability record."

4/5, Auto Express
"The new Honda CR-V moves the game on considerably from the car it replaces, offering a safe, comfortable and surefooted drive. On paper, the soft-roader stacks up financially, with low running costs and lots more kit than in its rivals. The CR-V is a no-brainer for families, too, as it provides so much space for the driver, passengers and all their luggage. Add in a dose of extra refinement, and it could be a winner."

4/5, What Car?
"The front-wheel-drive petrol CR-V is certainly well worthy of recommendation. It comes with the entry-level trim, so will help Honda compete with cheaper SUVs, such as the Kia Sportage and Nissan Qashqai. We'd have little hesitation ranking the CR-V above those alternatives. It's just unfortunate that there's no front-wheel-drive diesel model yet. For now, cheaper versions of the 2.2 i-DTEC four-wheel-drive models still make sense – they come well equipped and cost between £26k and £28k. However, the most expensive versions are probably best avoided; if you're spending that sort of money a BMW X3 is a better choice."

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