Aston Martin Vanquish: stunning design comes at a high price

Oct 18, 2012

What the motoring press is saying about the Aston Martin Vanquish


Price: £189,995

Pros: Stunning design, simpler interior controls, hi-tech materials

Cons: High price, looks similar to DBS, fuel consumption

3.8/5, Carbuyer
"The Aston Martin Vanquish is a replacement for the DBS, and sits at the top of Aston's range (not counting limited run models like the One-77 and V12 Zagato). The layout is typical Aston – there's a huge V12 engine at the front driving the rear wheels and the low-slung bodywork has similar proportions to the DBS. The body panels are all carbon-fibre though – a first for Aston – and the engine has been tuned to produce 565bhp and use around 10 per cent less fuel. The interior has also been completely redesigned, adding a user-friendly infotainment interface and hi-tech touch-sensitive buttons. For those millionaires interested in style, sophistication and ferocious pace, a Vanquish is the default choice."

4/5, Auto Express
"Forget the fact that the Vanquish uses a similar recipe to the DBS it replaces – treated as a standalone product, this is a sensational car. The essential Aston DNA is there, with a thunderous V12 and a sumptuous cabin. Adjustable suspension makes it both accomplished cruiser and full-on supercar. Just like the iPhone 5 is only marginally better than the iPhone 4, the Vanquish is only slightly better than the DBS. But you still want one."

4/5, What Car?
"The new Vanquish is the best current-generation Aston, but its ride could be more controlled and, given that the Vanquish is intended to be the most sporting 'large' Aston, its performance could do with a touch more drama and explosiveness. That might sound churlish given the car's huge pace and abundant power, but a Ferrari F12 performs with an even greater sense of occasion. Even so, we wouldn't blame you for choosing a Vanquish. It's a fast, fabulous-looking and beautifully-made GT car."

4/5, The Daily Telegraph
"This is supposed to be the pinnacle of Aston road cars and while it's certainly more capable and efficient than its predecessor and lovely to behold, the decision to equip it with an automatic transmission is strange. It also lacks that indefinable star quality, so while it's a likeable and useable car, the new Vanquish cries out for a sprinkle more vim."

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