Volkswagen Beetle cabriolet: looks great and handles well

Dec 13, 2012

What the motoring press is saying about the Volkswagen Beetle cabriolet

Price: £18,150 - £26,485

Pros: Head-turning looks, quick-folding fabric roof, powerful yet economical engines

Cons: Practicality is limited, quite expensive to buy, style not for everyone

4/5. Carbuyer
"The new Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet is the perfect choice for anyone after a retro-cool convertible that can't quite cope with the boneshaking drive of the MINI Convertible nor it's abysmal practicality. That isn't to say the Beetle Cabriolet is the most spacious car in the world but it does come with far fewer compromises. What's more it's far les compromised to drive that the old Beetle Cabriolet. In fact the 2.0-litre turbo petrol gives near Golf GTI levels of performance. The only real issue is the price as on Average the Beetle Cabriolet is about £2,000 than its MINI Convertible equivalent."

3/5, What Car?
"While the hatchback version of the Beetle might have become more sensible, the Cabriolet remains an emotive purchase. The Golf Cabriolet offers more space, but the Beetle's charm will give it an edge for many buyers. It's best viewed as a two-seater with occasional back seats, albeit ones that are more useable than the ones in the Mini."

4/5, Auto Express
"To our eyes, the Beetle Cabriolet is the best retro drop-top on the market. It's not as much fun or as playful as the MINI, but it still handles well and the more spacious cabin and comfortable ride make it much easier to live with every day. Most importantly, VW has also ensured that it looks the part. The stumbling block for some buyers might be the relatively high price tag."

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