Honda Civic hatchback: well built and practical

Feb 14, 2013

What the motoring press is saying about the Honda Civic hatchback

Price: £16,955 - £28,750

Pros: A good all-rounder, more comfortable than predecessor, cheap to run

Cons: Poor rear visibility, small engine range, lacks head-turning style of previous

4.3/5, CarBuyer
"The latest Honda Civic hatchback doesn't stand out as much as its radically designed predecessor, but this is more because other cars, such as the Ford Focus and Renault Megane, have moved forwards in their styling rather than the Civic toning down its styling. The short curved bonnet and unusual split rear window of the previous model remain, as does the hi-tech interior but Honda has introduced syling changes that help the car's aerodynamics and fuel efficiency. The Civic also comes with stop-start systems on models fitted with a manual gearbox, which stops the engine when the car is stationary, further helping fuel efficiency. The Civic comes in four specifications, SE, ES, EX and flagship EX GT, with a choice of four engines - two diesels and two petrols - but is only available as a five-door hatchback."

4/5, Auto Express
"From the driver's seat, visibility is improved thanks to thinner A-pillars, but the spilt screen still hampers the view to the rear. The dash layout has grown up, too, with the confusing digital dials from the old car making way for a cleaner, more logical design."

4/5, Honest John
"So like before it's still a spacious, well built and practical hatchback. It retains the now familiar Civic style too, although in our opinion it's a little fussy and not as neat as the model it replaces. What has improved is quality - the interior now feels more upmarket but is still as well built as before. And as it's a Honda you can expect bomb proof reliability too."

4/5, MSN Cars
"The previous Civic's engines have been carried over, albeit in a more powerful and cleaner state. However, it's disappointing not to find a brand new petrol engine - like a 1.4 turbo or 1.6 turbo - to compete with European rivals. A smaller diesel engine is on the way next year and should open up the Civic's appeal."

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