Mercedes E-Class estate: classy, comfortable and refined

Feb 21, 2013

What the motoring press is saying about the Mercedes E-Class estate

Price: £40,920

Pros: plenty of choice, decent equipment, safe, comfortable, vast luggage space

Cons: performance models expensive to run, cabin lacks rivals flair, 5 Series is more fun

4.5/5, CarBuyer
"If the Mercedes-Benz E-Class saloon is the archetypal executive saloon, then the E-Class estate is its more practical relative. The estate's styling is arguably neater than its saloon relative, although it is a little bland at the rear, while the interior benefits from all that additional space. An extensive engine range and two specification levels create plentiful choice. Even the entry-level E220 CDI turbodiesel and E250 CGI petrol models deliver good performance, while economy throughout the entire range impresses."

4.5/5, Auto Express
"The E350 CDI's 1,950-litre boot is the biggest in its class, the cutting-edge PRE-SAFE auto brake function helps cut the severity of accidents, and that with a drowsiness detection system and nine airbags fitted as standard, the Merc is one of the safest new cars on the road."

4/5, Parker's
"This version, launched in 2009, carries on these virtues and Mercedes-Benz has also tackled some of the issues that made the previous model less appealing to some buyers. This E-Class should be a far more reliable car than its predecessor and it also has a more robust feel to the interior along with improved handling. It looks competitive on price compared with premium alternatives plus there are versions that will be more attractive to company car drivers."

13/20, Top Gear
"A cetacean-sized wagon with a very broad range of engines, from a sluggish two-litre to a ludicrous 474bhp 6.2-litre V8. It has a beautiful ride too."

4/5, What Car?
"Mercedes at its best. The E-Class Estate is a hugely practical executive wagon that's also classy, comfortable and refined. We'd avoid the Sport model, though."

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