Ford S-MAX MPV: good looks and a fun drive

Feb 28, 2013

What the motoring press is saying about the Ford S-MAX

Price: £23,600 - £32,560

Pros: Practical seat layout, neat interior design, sporty looks, good to drive

Cons: Rearmost seats tight, limited boot space, high running costs

4.2/5, CarBuyer
"If you're looking for a people carrier that can do more than just transport an entire family on the school run or move a wardrobe across the country, then the Ford S-Max may be the MPV for you. There are more certainly larger, more spacious people carriers out there, notably the SEAT Alhambra, winner of our Best MPV award for three years running, but few MPVs offer the same level of good looks and fun drive as the S-MAX. And that sharp design and good handling hasn’t meant a loss of practicality, either The S-MAX's boot is very large, with up to 2,000-litres available with the seats folded, and even if it doesn’t seat seven adults like the bigger Galaxy, interior space is excellent and more than enough for the average family's needs."

4/5, Auto Express
"What's the new engine like to drive? Extremely good. The 200bhp unit manages to deliver decent power, increased efficiency and lower emissions compared to the larger 2.5-litre five-cylinder turbo it effectively replaces. Acceleration is responsive, turbo lag is virtually negligible and delivery is smooth all the way through the revs."

3.8/5, Top Gear
"Ford says the S-Max is an MPV for those that enjoy driving. The steering gives lots of feedback, there's plenty of grip and a lack of bodyroll all make it surprisingly sharp on twisty roads. However, when the mother-in-law is in the rear, the suspension is supple enough to provide good comfort, easily soaking up road imperfections."

4/5, Parker's
"The Ford S-MAX is a people carrier with a sporty edge. It's designed to stand out from the crowd with sharp styling, tight handling and powerful engines. It certainly doesn't feel like an MPV from behind the wheel with agile handling and accurate steering."

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