Kia Sorento SUV: practical, functional and well made

Feb 20, 2014

What the motoring press is saying about the Kia Sorento SUV

Price: £26,695 - £36,495

Pros: Very practical, plenty of standard equipment, excellent seven-year warranty

Cons: Poor interior quality, poor handling, loud engines,

3.6/5 Carbuyer The Kia Sorento is a large SUV that takes on models like the Nissan X-Trail, Hyundai Santa Fe and Chevrolet Captiva. Its standout features are the spacious interior, seven-seat layout and large boot. But it also comes with all-wheel drive, which will ensure you keep moving in even the worst weather conditions, a decent equipment list, a reasonable price tag and a powerful diesel engine that offers strong fuel economy. And let’s not forget Kia's excellent seven-year warranty, which will keep any nasty unexpected repair bills at bay for the best part of a decade.

It doesn’t have the most eye-catching design, some of the materials used in the interior feel a little bit cheap, and – as with all Kias – the price tag is no longer quite so attractive now that the quality of the car has improved, but the Sorento is a decent all-round vehicle that makes an excellent workhorse for a large family.”

3/5 What Car? "The Sorento is a big car and it feels it. If you don't push hard it's undemanding, but you can feel the car's bulk shifting around on twisty country roads. The steering isn't especially responsive, but while it's not as agile as some rivals, the Sorento handles well enough."

4/5 Parkers "It's not thrills a minute when you are pushing the Sorento but it does go about its business effortlessly and briskly, particularly if you opt for the 2.2CRDi (the entry level petrol 2.4 petrol isn't really worth considering)."

4/5 AutoExpress "The newcomer has space for seven, plus handsome proportions and a punchy but frugal new diesel engine."

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