Are the Rolling Stones really worth a £1,000-plus ticket?

Oct 16, 2012

The Stones become a 'band for rich people' as fans complain about ticket prices for London concerts

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THE ROLLING STONES have finally announced their first live shows in five years - but the £100-£1,000 ticket price has left some fans wondering if the band is really worth it.

The 50th anniversary tour includes two nights at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, in December and two nights at London's O2 Arena next month. The estimated 30,000 tickets for the two London dates will go on general sale at 9am this Friday.

As The Daily Telegraph points out, the cost of the cheapest ticket - £106 - is more than the band themselves were paid when they performed their first gig 50 years ago.

The best seats cost up to £406, while fans who want to stand in the "tongue pit" near the front of the stage will have to purchase a VIP hospitality package costing £1,140.

This might include a champagne reception and a three-course dinner, says ContactMusic, but it "really should include a limo ride and a game of checkers with the lads for that price".

If you want to see one of the biggest events of the year, it adds, you'll not only have to be as "quick as Keith Richards on the guitar, but as flash as Jagger on the mini-bar".

"Ouch!" wrote one fan on Twitter. "I love the Rolling Stones, and they've always been expensive. But now they're just a band for rich people.''

Another pointed out that for the price of one Rolling Stones ticket "you could see an ace bunch of local bands and buy drinks all night every week for a year".

One tweeter joked that the tour must be paying for the band’s “retirement home and nursing staff”, adding "nobody is worth £400 a ticket!"

On the Kent News website, journalist Chris Britcher warns that the "sky high" price tag sets a "dangerous, and expensive, precedent".

The tickets are almost certain to sell out, says Britcher, because of the band’s reputation and the 'must see them before they die' feeling among fans. But "the cost point the Stones sets now will set the tone for others.”

"Our only means of defence? Not buying the tickets."

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Saw them twice, 2007 and 2008. Superb performance. Tickets were not too expensive, considering. Seem to recall they were around the €50 to stand and €75 to sit. However, I will certainly not be paying these new prices.

What a mickey-take - the Stones were has-beens by 1980! They're basically a tribute band now paying eternal homage to the giants they used to be.