Rapper Psy picks his favourite Gangnam Style parody (video)

Oct 16, 2012

Ohio marching band impresses South Korean star with carefully choreographed halftime routine

Getty Images

K-POP superstar Psy, who has inspired countless parodies of his hit song Gangnam Style, has finally revealed which spoof is his favourite.
The original music video, which shows the South Korean rapper dancing as if he is riding a horse, is nearing 500 million hits on YouTube and has spawned parodies across the world – including North Korea.
But, according to Melbourne's Herald Sun, Psy's favourite is Ohio University's marching band rendition performed during halftime at a football match in September.
"Suddenly they stopped marching and they put their instrumentals down and they are dancing my dances at the football field," he explained. "That was like wow, I can tell their effort to prepare that. That was huge. It's so touching for me, that's what music is all about and that's what entertaining is all about."
Psy added that he has no idea what his northern neighbours think of his international success. Last month, a Gangnam Style parody poking fun at South Korean presidential candidate Park Geun-hye was uploaded on a North Korean government website, while another parody video was uploaded on YouTube lampooning North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

"Maybe [North Korea] will like it or not but unfortunately we are divided right now, so I won't know," he said.
Psy also took credit for Formula One driver Mark Webber's performance at last weekend's Grand Prix in South Korea. "In Korea a couple of days ago I danced with Mark Webber, the horse riding dance, and he ended up at number two.

"Let me just say, that's because of the dance. He was good, and he asked: 'Where are the sexy ladies?'"

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