Girls Aloud single Something New fails to convince critics

Oct 16, 2012

Fans go wild for comeback tune, released after online leak, but not everyone likes it

Simone Joyner

THE LONG-AWAITED Girls Aloud reunion has been blown off course after an online leak forced the band to release its comeback single three days early. The tune, called Something New, drew a somewhat mixed response.

The uptempo dance number is the group's first release since 2009. It found its way online on Monday night and although it was swiftly removed from YouTube the leak was enough to persuade the girl band to officially unveil the song.

Predictably, there was something close to hysteria on social networking sites when the tune was debuted on radio stations at midday, and there is no doubt that it will go straight to number one when it goes on sale on Friday. But amid the flurry of OMGs, emoticons, made-up adjectives and exclamation marks from fans of the group there was also a tangible sense of disappointment in some quarters.

Even before the official release there was a slight sense of foreboding. Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton heard the leaked track and wrote: "We're hoping this is one of those demo tracks that's not 100% finished." He even described it as "generic sounding".

Contact Music was rather more blunt, and called it "grim". Something New is a "garish affair filled with horribly hi-end synthy electroclashy noises lots of shouty vocals and nary a hook or a chorus in earshot," it said.

There was real disappointment verging on anger on gossip website Holy Moly. "Seriously though, what is it supposed to be?" it demanded. "A generic backing track that could be anyone. Terrible lyrics, horrible shouting... And this is a band who, out of 21 previous singles, really only released three that could be described as less than amazing. What the actual bloody shitting f***?"

Digital Spy listed what it liked about the song - "the unusual structure, typical of a good Girls Aloud song" - and what it didn't - "It's taking us a while to get used to all the shouty sing-speaking in the verses" - and came down in favour, but only just.

It won't win the girls any new fans, admitted The Mirror. "Like most Girls Aloud songs, it's a Saturday night, 10.02pm, three wines in, just when you're feeling like a little dance, telling your friends you love them while you plaster your sixth layer of lip gloss on, in the pub loos, anthem," it explained.

But the "slightly demented" song is a winner according to The Guardian. It said it was "fresh, radio-friendly... and utterly thrilling".

The bad news for fans of Cheryl, Kimberley, Nadine, Nicola and Sarah is that the band's reunion is likely to be shortlived and that they will split for good after their 10th anniversary in 2013.

"We'll be working on a tour and greatest hits album. Then I think that's it for Girls Aloud," wrote Cheryl Cole in her autobiography, published earlier this month.

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For starters it's not out until November 18th. 2nd; All these critivs are jumped up cretons who wouldn't know a dancey up neat song with major attitude if they tried. Who are these people? If your not a fan, f*** off and enjoy your miserable little lives and let us who enjoy fun/up music, enjoy ours. "We Girls gonna run this show" BOOM!!


Yeh , your damn right. GA are the best pop girl band in history. 21 consecutive top 10 singles. Great tours, great singles, great albums and great singers, especially Nadine Coyle, who deserves an awful lot more credit than she gets. Hope the single, album, tour and whatever else is in the pipeline, are all a great success. Good luck girls x

I get it, I'm a HUGE GA fan, and I was really dissapointed with the track, it's not bad, trust me i'll be singing it at the top of my lungs everyday on my way to work, BUT, IT IS a dissapointment, you take a hiatus for 3 years, and this might be your last single, and you release THIS? I'm also dissapointed at Brian, Lisa and the rest of Xenomania, you could've whipped up something better for us.

Just another example of the cunty British press. I love the track, and pop fans are rejoicing. Go girls, go-go go go go!