Five reasons Haim are BBC's Sound of 2013 winner

Jan 4, 2013
Richard A Jinman

The resemblance to Fleetwood Mac isn't the only reason to love these Californian sisters

HAIM, a group comprised of three sisters from California, have won the BBC’s Sound of 2013 competition. It’s a major coup for the band praised for its "contagious enthusiasm" by BBC Radio 1 presenter Huw Stephens who announced their victory on his show today. But who are Haim and do they have as much potential as previous Sound Of… winners such as Adele, Mika, Ellie Goulding, Jessie J and Keane? Here’s five reasons why they're worthy winners:

1. They’re not The Partridge Family or Hanson: Este, Danielle and Alana Haim grew up in California’s San Fernando Valley and cut their musical teeth playing in Rockinhaim, a "folksy family band" formed by their parents. The sisters might have got stuck in a noughties version of The Partridge Family, but broke away to form their own band with a friend called Dash Hutton on drums. The result – a mixture of “80s synth-pop, contemporary dance influences and melodic 70s rock,” as The Independent puts it – is far cooler than either The Partridge Family or that other sibling trio, Hanson (and almost as cool as The Bee Gees).

2. They sound like /Rumours/-era Fleetwood Mac: Haim have "this Lindsey Buckingham-era Fleetwood-Mac thing going on, which gives their songs a pleasing sheen," wrote Tom Howard in the NME. The sisters don’t try to hide the influence of the 70s supergroup: they’ve even recorded cover versions of Fleetwood Mac’s Oh Well and Hold Me.
3.They’re fantastic live: Haim are offering “an unfettered and irresistibly joyful experience,” wrote The Guardian’s Michael Hann in a review of a London concert in June last year. Hann gave the gig five stars despite the fact the band played just eight songs, only six of which were originals.
4. They’re bringing back guitars: Music critics say Haim could "pave the way" for a predicted return of guitar music in 2013, says The Independent. That’s bad news for pop, dance and urban artists, but great news for young women like the Haim sisters, who part their hair a la Alanis Morissette, and like to get nasty with a Gibson Les Paul electric guitar.
5. They’re not too cool to be seen with their parents: Rockinhaim is no more, but the sisters have been known to invite their parents on stage with them to play a rousing cover of Mustang Sally.

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