The Smiths: Johnny Marr and Morrissey 'no longer speak'

Jan 11, 2013

Marr dismisses talk of a Smiths reunion and is still annoyed about having David Cameron as a fan

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RUMOURS of The Smiths reuniting have finally been put to bed by the band's former guitarist Johnny Marr, who says he and singer Morrissey no longer speak at all.

In an interview with The Guardian, Marr said the pair "don't have any reason" to meet up any more.

Marr - who was recently named NME's ultimate guitarist – re-mastered the Smiths' back catalogue two years ago and emailed his ex-bandmates to say he could hear the love in the music. But he didn't hear anything back.

"It was a nice way to leave it, I think," he said. "You can only try and be friendly with someone for so long without getting anything back. You just think: 'Ah, f*** it.'"

Marr has often been blamed for the band breaking up when he left in 1987, but he doesn't have any regrets. "I'm glad I didn't spend 35 years in the same band. It's just not me," he said.

Marr has spent 26 years trying to move on from the Smiths, becoming a member of Modest Mouse and The Cribs among others. Continual rumours that the Smiths will reform annoy him, despite the fact that he accidentally fuelled them with a joke that he would reunite the band "if the coalition government stood down".

He explains: "Some guy stuck a camera in my face. If I don't say something glib, what else is there to say? 'F*** off!'? It would have saved me a lot of trouble."

Nevertheless, Marr says he received a lot of support when he took to Twitter in 2010 to 'ban' David Cameron from saying he liked the Smiths. "What part of the Smiths ethos did he not get?" asks the guitarist, whose political impact was as far-reaching as his musical influence in the 1980s with songs such as Margaret on the Guillotine.

"I seriously did not like him dropping our name," he said. "He picked the wrong band."

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"Marr has often been blamed for the band breaking up when he left in 1987"

I guess we all have one redeeming feature.

Margaret on the Guillotine was not a Smiths song... it was on Morrissey's first solo album, Viva Hate. Good song, though J. Marr may not appreciate you citing it's one of his!