Rebecca Black's Saturday: is it as 'good' as Friday?

Her debut single was mocked, but American teen is back with sequel that moves things forward a whole day

LAST UPDATED AT 14:59 ON Mon 9 Dec 2013

IT WAS dubbed the worst pop song ever and Rebecca Black, the 13-year-old American who sang it, was so badly bullied by classmates she is now being home-schooled by her mother. But the rollercoaster that followed the release of Friday can't have been all bad, because Black, now 16, is back with a new song. Here are six crucial differences between Friday and its follow-up, Saturday.

It's about a completely different day!

Someone's paying attention. While Friday was a song about the day when "everybody's looking forward to the weekend", Saturday is about the day of the weekend to which everyone was previously looking forward. Got it? "Yesterday was Friday. Today is Saturday," sings Black helpfully. "You have to give it to her, she knows her s**t when it comes to days of the week," says The Independent.

It's rubbish, but not quite as rubbish as Friday!

The critics are unanimous. Saturday is brainless pop of the lowest order, but it could have been worse: it could have been Friday. "Saturday is a vast improvement from the mindless repetition of Friday, says the Under the Gun website. "That said, it's pretty pointless in its own right…" Did someone say rave review?

Rebecca is sitting in the front seat of the car this time!

Poor Rebecca was sandwiched between two friends in the back seat of the convertible in the video for Friday. She tried to look cheerful, but the seating plan emphasised that the 13-year-old wasn't in total control of her career. Things are different now. She's 16 and she's in the front seat, metaphorically and literally, as she and her, ahem, posse, race through the City of Angels. If Saturday crashes at least she'll have an airbag.

Rebecca does stunts!

Other than waiting at a bus stop, Black didn't do much in the way of stunts in the video clip that accompanied Friday. Now she's all action. Watch her as she sits on a skateboard; dances under a pier, holds a burning sparkler, rides a Stegosaurus cuddly toy and plays poker! Did someone say Jackie Chan?

It's a lot more racy!

Saturday isn't exactly R-rated, but Black isn't the little girl whose 'music' stimulated the world's gag reflex anymore. In one scene from the new video, a dazed-looking boy admits he can't find his trousers. A sex doll makes an appearance in the party scene and there's a girl who looks a bit like Miley Cyrus.

Rebecca isn't the only YouTube sensation in it!

Saturday is a kind of duet between Rebecca and Los Angeles-based YouTube personality David Colditz (aka Dave Days). His YouTube channel has more than 1.5 million subscribers who flock to his pop-punk covers and parodies of popular songs. Who better to team up with Rebecca on what will possibly be the biggest song about a day of the week in the run-up to Christmas! · 

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