A cop at the shooting scene in New York

Gunman who killed two NYPD officers sent 'chilling' warning

One-Minute Read Mon 22 Dec, AT 11:16

Ismaaiyl Brinsley boasted that he was 'putting wings on pigs' before he shot dead two officers

A nuclear reactor in South Korea

South Korea conducts nuclear drill after hack attack

Briefing Mon 22 Dec, AT 10:01

Hackers publish blueprints of nuclear power plants online, but South Korea insists it is safe from attack

Viral videos with 5by: Google's year in search 2014

Video Fri 19 Dec, AT 16:14

Five of the best viral videos of the week, hand-picked by our video partner 5by


Dzhokhar Tsarnaev: Boston bombing suspect appears in court

One-Minute Read Fri 19 Dec, AT 16:10

The US is fascinated by Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, one of two brothers alleged to be behind bomb attack

Random pills

Ibuprofen 'could extend your life by 12 years'

One-Minute Read Fri 19 Dec, AT 15:44

Researchers have found that ibuprofen has a dramatic effect on lifespan – at least among flies

The Week's top tech stories, 19 December

A need-to-know round-up of the essential tech stories that broke this week

Illegal migrants near the coast of Tripoli, Libya

Migration: why Libya is the critical link in a deadly chain

Briefing Fri 19 Dec, AT 14:54

Most people trying to cross the Mediterranean without papers come through the lawless north African state of Libya