Ebola blood sample

Ebola virus mutation may be more contagious

One-Minute Read Thu 29 Jan, AT 11:29

New Ebola mutation may infect patients without making them ill, making transmission more likely

Creative freelancers: work with TheWeek.co.uk

Special Feature Thu 29 Jan, AT 13:30

The Week is seeking freelance writers, data journalists and developers. Here's how to send us a pitch

Forget the TV debates – catch the Party Leaders Bake Off

Video Thu 29 Jan, AT 13:00

Impressionist Rory Bremner takes the fight to Westminster for his Coalition Report

Brain image

Take the dementia test and find out your 'brain age'

Analysis Thu 29 Jan, AT 10:55

Doctors believe that helping people work out their 'brain age' could help identify the risk of dementia in later life

Mark Carney

Mark Carney slams Eurozone austerity days after Syriza win

One-Minute Read Thu 29 Jan, AT 10:38

Bank of England governor's attack seen as call for Berlin to accept Greek demands to relax austerity

Dippy the Diplodocus

Dippy: why is the Natural History Museum hiding its diplodocus?

Briefing Thu 29 Jan, AT 10:15

#Savedippy campaign begins on Twitter as public outcry emerges over removal of diplodocus skeleton

General Election 2015

General Election 2015: where did Michael Gove and Ed Balls disappear to?

Election Watch Thu 29 Jan, AT 09:45

Countdown to 7 May: daily comment from the Mole, the latest polls and the best media election coverage

The Mole

Labour pledge to get tough on immigration draws flak

Thu 29 Jan, AT 09:31 The Mole

Let’s not out-kip Ukip, says MP David Lammy, as Labour confront an uncomfortable issue

Students at a UK school

School league tables called a 'nonsense' after change in rules

One-Minute Read Thu 29 Jan, AT 09:10

Top schools plummet down the league tables after government writes off International GCSEs