Refugee crisis Libyan border

Africa on the move: why Italy fears migrant flood

Fri 4 Mar, AT 10:39 Robert Fox

Robert Fox: The migrant workers trying to leave Libya are part of a much bigger picture

Justin Bieber's new haircut

Dull musicians have helped kill the music press

News Fri 4 Mar, AT 10:39

Johnny Dee: It’s time the NME and other music mags were given away free

yellow sac spider mazda6

Why do yellow sac spiders love the Mazda6?

Fri 4 Mar, AT 10:38 Venetia Rainey

Petrol-addicted arachnids can't get enough of the Mazda6’s aroma

George Osborne announces emergency budget

Why David Cameron fears the fuel duty time-bomb

Thu 3 Mar, AT 15:52 The Mole

The Mole: The PM dreads the sort of fuel protests that nearly brought the Blair government to its knees

Westboro Baptist Church

Westboro Baptists taunt families after court win

News Thu 3 Mar, AT 13:30

Extremists to ‘quadruple’ pickets of soldiers’ funerals after their right to ‘free speech’ is upheld

Brad Manning

Manning may face death penalty for ‘aiding enemy’

News Thu 3 Mar, AT 13:29

Is the death threat aimed at making the young soldier implicate Julian Assange?

White iPad 2, black iPad 2

Apple iPad 2: round-up of overnight reviews

News Thu 3 Mar, AT 10:51

It’s thinner and whiter than the original, but will the experts be upgrading to the iPad 2?