North Korea

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un
02 Sep, 2014

Pyongyang calls the fictional thriller a 'politically motivated provocation' backed by Downing Street

Murals outside the People Palace of Culture in Pyongyang, North Korea
11 Aug, 2014

Report will show how 'bright' the country's future is and expose 'lies and fabrications' told by the UN

08 Jul, 2014

North Koreans see an unusual display of weakness as Kim Jong-un marks grandfather's death

Previous North Korean cheerleaders
07 Jul, 2014

Cheerleaders sent to Asian Games to make peace with South Korea will not want to put a foot wrong

A North Korean solider on guard duty
30 Jun, 2014

Americans accused of 'hostile acts', including leaving a Bible in a North Korea hotel room

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un
26 Jun, 2014

Hollywood film about killing Kim Jong-un is an 'act of war', says North Korea

12 Apr, 2014

South Korean president should ‘keep her disgusting mouth closed’ in order to improve relations, says Pyongyang

02 Apr, 2014

Unmanned reconnaissance aircraft is either an antique or a toy, experts say

29 Jan, 2014

As the death toll rises, so does Kim’s paranoia: our analyst's take on a ruthless young man, idolised by his mother