Critics see red over Team GB's blue McCartney Olympic kit

Mar 23, 2012
Jonathan Harwood

The fashion set like the outfits, but some athletes criticised Stella McCartney's 2012 Olympic design

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THE LAUNCH of the Team GB kit for the upcoming London Olympics, designed by Stella McCartney, prompted an outraged reaction yesterday from many observers. Even some athletes saw red - mainly because the kit was too blue - though early disparaging tweets disappeared when, for one reason or another, they decided to keep their thoughts to themselves.
The Adidas uniforms were unveiled at a fashion show in London, with the likes of Jessica Ennis and Phillips Idowu modelling the outfits.
But while the fashionistas queued up to praise McCartney's designs - "Never has sportwear looked so chic," simpered Vogue - others were less impressed.
The Evening Standard's first run was full of praise for the design, but in later editions the story was about the kit being "too blue".
The reaction on the Team GB website was less than complimentary. One fan wrote: "I feel I've been marginalised for being English, why has the English red cross of St George been removed from the Union Flag?"
Cyclist Bradley Wiggins took to Twitter where he commented: "Oh dear, The Olympic kit!!" His tweet was mysteriously later deleted.
Swimmer Fran Halsall replied to a query about the kit by revealing: "I think its alright I was expecting better, and its missing a bit of red what do u think?"
Scottish Paralympic pentathlete Mhairi Spence announced: "Little disappointed! Doesn't look very GB!!!" But, like Wiggins, her tweet soon vanished.
"Looks like nobody is impressed with Stella McCartneys take on Olympic Kit design," commented sprinter Tasha Danvers.
Heptathlete Kelly Sotherton put the debate into perspective by adding: "I don't care what the kit looks like as long as I get the chance to actually compete in it!" She later added: "People should stop moaning."
McCartney stood by her design, which apparently took two-and-a-half years to come up with. "I see many feel as strongly about the Union flag as I do!" she tweeted. "The design actually uses more red & shows more flag than any Team GB kit since '84."
Despite the furore, the proof of the pudding will come next month when replica kits go on sale to the general public. The most popular item is expected to be the Team GB football shirt, but Adidas marketer Nick Craggs told The Times: "It is fair to say that we are expecting significantly fewer sales than for the shirt of a top four Premier League club, but if there is a lot of demand then who knows?”

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"McCartney stood by her design, which apparently took two-and-a-half years to come up with". Its nothing but the British Airways tail fin viewed through a blue filter....and how much did this wonder of fashion COST???

Personally I don't like the designs at all and I think it is disrespectful to the Queen in her jubilee year.  Surely this is THE year when the kit should have had a more classic design incorporating the Union Jack in it's true colours.  The kit is just as bad as the awful logo which should have been changed!

I am sure Adidas did a great job on the technical aspects of the kit but oh dear what a terrible design, that over hyped designer has forgotten England is part of the Union, the old kit was far better.
As this is public money can we know how much McCartney was paid for this design I would rather some of our deprived inner city school children throw buckets of Red and Blue paint on a white kit as a symbol of how our heritage is being trashed!

It's a big disappointment.  As the host nation of the Olympics in a Jubilee year the Union Jack should be highlighted not deconstructed!  And yes, let's not kid ourselves it's closer to Scotland than England and Wales.

It barely qualifies let alone wins any medals! 

From across the Atlantic I saw the story on your Olympic suits and I thought they were just OK, could have used more red to make them jump out a bit. But then, Canada's main colour is red. Can't wait to see the unveiling of our suits. We always have great looking outfits so I hope that continues.

Being Scottish I can't help but snigger a wee bit as it does have a Blue feel on the main part of the shirt. However with Scottish independence around the corner I'm sure the next outfit in 2016 will be red red red. Of course the colour doesn't matter so long as the athletes perform in it. Good luck to all the GB team!!!

It's a pity that the kit design does not incorporate the true colours of the Union flag. I will be fully supporting our team, I only hope I will be able to spot them as they cross the finish line!

The design is shoite.

the design is shoite

of course there's no red.

its a true symbol of the new Britain and how the English are totally emasculated in it.....

The guy looks like he is wearing some sort of X-Men belt design - perhaps it'll give him super human powers to win a few more gold medals for UK?

Don't you all get the symbolism of the broken up union jack with the red missing?  It stands for Broken Britain.

Quite simply APPALLING !! Stella McCartney should loook for a new line of work she obviously has no talent what-so-ever for her present occupation.

Dire and probably cost a fortune.