Cyclist thrown to ground by Olympic torch security– video

Jul 9, 2012
Brittany Poulin

Young boy tackled by Olympic torch guards may have entered 'security bubble'

A YOUNG boy was pushed off his bicycle and tackled to the ground by a member of security on Saturday when the Olympic torch relay passed through Haverhill, Suffolk.
The youngster could be seen riding past the spectators when he was grabbed by one of 70 unarmed security members, spun around, and thrown to the ground. He may have entered the "security bubble" around the flame, reported The Daily Telegraph.
The Met Police said of the incident: "The Met's torch security team prevented [the boy] from gaining access to the torchbearer causing the cyclist to fall from his bike.
"Although there was no disruption to the relay, we'd like to remind people not to enter the security bubble, this is for their own safety as well as the torchbearer's."
This is not the first time a young spectator of the torch relay has had a run-in with security. Last week, two Coventry boys succeeded in grabbing the torch out of the torchbearer's hands, before being escorted away by police.

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That young lad will certainly grow up to love the 'force'. What an age we live in, when a young lad inadvertently 'enters a bloody "security bubble"; Bernard Hogan-Howe - force, first last and foremost.

The boy was doing nothing wrong, was not a threat to anybody and the man who tackled him should be arrested for assault and endagering life. This shows what a police state the UK has become. Note how the MSM have largely ignored this story.