Danny Boyle gets extra security after Olympic broadcast row

Jul 19, 2012

Olympic gossip: More controversy at Opening ceremony, Usain Bolt needs orthopaedic bed

DANNY BOYLE, the director of the Olympic opening ceremony, has reportedly had extra security installed around his trailer at the stadium because of mounting tensions with the company broadcasting the Games, says The Guardian. Boyle apparently upset Olympic Broadcasting Services by bringing in a new film crew as he "didn't want a sports crew" filming the event. It is not the first challenge the opening ceremony has encountered, with animal cruelty allegations and cut scenes adding to the "creative tension".

Fears over Olympic Village water supply
London 2012 organisers have insisted there are no problems with the water supply in the Olympic Village after reports of a disruption to supplies. A cafe in the communal shopping area was closed for several hours after issues with the water, and other nearby cafes were forced to shut their doors as well. However, there have been no complaints since the arrival of athletes this week, with many actually praising the facilities.

A custom-made bed for Usain Bolt
Sprinter Usain Bolt is sleeping in a custom-built 7ft orthopaedic bed at the Jamaican team's training base at the University of Birmingham, reports The Daily Telegraph, in an attempt to prevent a recurrence of the back and hamstring problems that led to speculation about his fitness for the Games. The university has also been doing its best to respond to unusual food requests, although sous chef Wayne Willis said they had failed to find "a whole goat's head".

Spain mocked over 'loud' kit
The "very loud" Olympic uniforms worn by Spain's athletes have been ridiculed on social media sites, reports The Guardian. Even the athletes have poked fun at the kit, which was supplied free of charge from Russian firm Bosco. Gold-medal-winning canoeist Saul Craviotto said on Twitter: "Best I don't comment, I will leave it up to you ..." Spanish designers are indignant that a foreign firm provided the uniforms, but Alejandro Blanco, Spanish Olympic Committee president, claimed "the whole world will applaud" when Spain parade in their uniforms.

Torchbearer gets Oy-limpic tattoo
Olympic torchbearer Jerri Peterson has a unique memento of her contribution to the relay - a misspelled tattoo. The American hotel worker, who carried the flame through Derby, wanted to get a message reading 'Olympic Torch Bearer', but instead the tattoo reads 'Oy-lmpic'. Peterson said she was pleased with the results until a friend pointed out the mistake. She told the BBC that after overcoming the initial shock she has "laughed ever since". She said: "The Oy-limpics – it's as unique as I am."

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