Olympic opening ceremony is 'out of this world'

Jul 24, 2012

Olympic gossip: audience begged not to give away the secrets of opening ceremony

HOPES are high for the Olympic opening ceremony after the dress rehearsal last night, in front of a full house at the Olympic stadium, got rave reviews on Twitter. The organisers pleaded with the audience not to give the details away and even started a hashtag on Twitter #savethesurprise. Most obliged but also made it clear that the event was not to be missed. One tweeted: "If you've got plans Friday night, cancel them. Opening ceremony is out of this world."

So who will feature in the ceremony?
Muhammad Ali and David Beckham are being tipped to have a role in the Olympic opening ceremony, after both flying into London with just days to go, reports The Guardian. The boxing legend and the former England football captain are presenting an award in the capital this week. However, Beckham has already made it clear he will not be lighting the Olympic cauldron, with Sir Steve Redgrave and Daley Thompson reportedly under consideration.

Hoy to wave flag for Team GB
Cyclist Chris Hoy has been given the honour of carrying the flag for Team GB at the opening ceremony, reports The Daily Telegraph. Hoy expressed his delight and honour after being declared the "overwhelming winner" from of a shortlist of nine. The Scot, who also carried the flag at the end of the Beijing Games, added that leading out the team in London would be "a once in a lifetime opportunity".

Idowu admits to 'ongoing injury'
Triple jumper Phillips Idowu is staying in London to receive "private treatment" rather than joining his Team GB squad at a pre-Games camp in Portugal, prompting fresh concerns over his fitness, reports The Independent. Aston Moore, Idowu's coach, said the former champion had had an "ongoing injury problem", but said he could join the camp at a later date. Rumours about Idowu's fitness have circulated following an awkward landing at a meet on 2 June, and his withdrawal from the Crystal Palace London Grand Prix.

London transport on 'wing and a prayer'
A mayoral investigation has been demanded after Tube delays meant thousands of people missed the beginning of the opening ceremony rehearsal, reports the Evening Standard. Olympic staff were also affected by delays yesterday, with problems on the London Overground, and the Jubilee and Central lines. RMT leader Bob Crow demanded an investigation, claiming that maintenance and staffing cuts had left Olympic transport on "nothing more than a wing and a prayer".

Squirrels sabotaging beach volleyball
Olympic beach volleyball players have been left with sore feet after squirrels took to burying their nuts in the courts at London's St James's Park. The only solution appears to be for groundsmen to rake the beechnuts and acorns from the six courts near Buckingham Palace, so the bikini-clad volleyball stars can play without fear of stepping on them. Luckily, the main competition area in Horseguards Parade has not been affected.

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re London Trasnsport: try going to the capital and demonstrating for a cause that Bob Crowe and the 10% of the RMT who vote disapprove of, and often the transport in the areas you need to get to is non-existent. I think this is political - a "softening up" of the people to expect massive disturbances which will then be used by the Labour Party (or a party formed by TUC officials) to beat the Government with.