China 'cheats' in the dock again after badminton fiasco

Aug 1, 2012

Eight women's doubles players charged with trying to lose games as angry fans boo

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THE CHINESE Olympic team is in the dock once again after eight badminton players were charged with trying to throw matches at the London Games.
Fans watching the women's doubles at Wembley Arena yesterday booed and jeered as two Korean teams, a Chinese pair and an Indonesian couple tried to avoid winning in an apparent attempt to get a favourable draw in the next round.
The four teams have now all been charged by the Badminton World Federation with "not using one's best efforts to win a match", but observers say the blame lies with the Chinese, whose Olympic team is already under pressure over doping allegations aimed at their swimmers.
Yesterday, Chinese badminton top seeds Wang Xiaoli and Yu Yang and South Koreans Jung Kyung-eun and Kim Ha-na were booed off court after what The Daily Telegraph described as an "extraordinary match in which players regularly served into the net or hit wide apparently on purpose". The Times said it was "ludicrous".
Both pairs were already into the last 16, with the winners set to face the Chinese second seeds, Tian Qing and Zhao Yunlei (pictured above). The Telegraph explains that an unexpected loss by Tian and Zhao in an earlier round had confused the draw.
The Korean pair eventually won that game, keeping the two Chinese teams apart and prompting the South Korean to attack China for ignoring the Olympic spirit. Yang later claimed that she and her partner had been "conserving energy".
But with the draw now queered, the crowd's mood did not improve when a similar scenario unfolded during the game between the South Korean number three seeds and a pair from Indonesia. At one point match referee Thorsten Berg disqualified Indonesia but they were reinstated after an appeal.
The Korean pair eventually won the second match, and will now play the Chinese top seeds.
Former Great Britain silver medallist Gail Emms was upset. "It was a disgrace," she said. "I'm furious. It is very embarrassing for our sport."
Bulgarian singles player Petya Nedelcheva also blamed China. She told The Guardian: "China control everything... they did it so many times last year, they didn't play against each other in 20 matches. They do what they want."

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what a racist and sexist the author here is. again? you misled the readers that the talented swimmer Ye Shiwen was doping. I would say, screw your opinion. secondly, although the players did not play at their best,it was the ridiculous rule the game introduced that gave them a chance to take the tactics. I doubt the author of this report is a huge racist. and standing there with a malicious face

Please, shut up.

a cheat is a cheat no matter where they come from and the colour of the skin. The koreans, china and malaysian female players should be banned for life along with any other cheaters. dont give them excuses. its not racist but these countries do have quite a bad history for bad ruling and very suspect characters. check the record books. enough said.

if you honestly think that the players did not play their best there is no help for you. im sure you are an intelligent person and so i ask you, why would you say that its a ridiculous rule that people have to do their best to play?????? is that not the point of any sport????? other wise why even do it? also, to be racist one has to say something against a race and to be fair the author has not said anything. its a pity that you dont take the time to think about whats right and honourable in sport and not just throwing the racist card around. By definition the olympics cannot be racist as it allows any nation to take part. but it should be in fair and sportsman like conduct.

Typically Chinese.

Why did they cheat? Surely the game penalizes losers and rewards winners, so why even attempt to lose? Stupid players

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