Guantanamo Bay prison

CIA says Bush administration ordered and approved torture

One-Minute Read Thu 11 Dec, AT 10:36

Water-boarding and other techniques were carried out with full knowledge of senior figures, says agency

A girl surfs on the web on her computer

New law targets paedophiles who 'fish' for explicit photos

One-Minute Read Thu 11 Dec, AT 10:13

David Cameron wants to close legal loophole in 'watershed moment' for online child protection

Antibiotics being prepared

Antibiotic-resistant superbugs 'will kill more than cancer' by 2050

One-Minute Read Thu 11 Dec, AT 09:54

Experts warn superbugs could cause an extra 10 million deaths a year with a global cost of over £63 trillion

Batman vs Superman

Batman v Superman: popular character 'dead' in new film

One-Minute Read Thu 11 Dec, AT 08:17

Spoiler alert: cinema blogs are alight with rumours that the Batman v Superman film will kill off a popular character

A poster on a London bus

Atheists in UK face 'systematic discrimination', says report

One-Minute Read Wed 10 Dec, AT 15:16

Meanwhile, political leaders are increasingly using 'hate speech' against the non-religious worldwide

Two Nimrod MRA4 reconnaissance aircrafts scrapped because of the defence cuts

Mystery submarine: UK forced to seek Nato's help

One-Minute Read Wed 10 Dec, AT 12:13

'Hugely embarrassing' request for help made to US and France because of cuts to the defence budget

Shrien Dewani back in Britain: could he now sue prosecutors?

One-Minute Read Wed 10 Dec, AT 10:40

Legal action on both sides remains possible after Shrien Dewani was cleared of arranging his wife Anni's murder in 2010

Passengers wait for trains to arrive, London

Christmas trains: which rail lines will be closed?

One-Minute Read Wed 10 Dec, AT 09:05

Train travellers can expect disruption as engineering work closes some of the busiest lines and stations

Armed police at Westminster

Security alert over threat to kill police officer

One-Minute Read Tue 9 Dec, AT 14:20

West Midlands Police say the force will take the threat 'extremely seriously'