Judi Dench - M - Skyfall
23 Oct, 2012

After years of being overlooked by the Academy Awards, producers are hoping for an acting nod

12 Oct, 2012

Where's the wooden actor now? Affleck wins over Hollywood with 'sensational' Iran rescue movie

09 Oct, 2012

New York film festival-goers see Day-Lewis shine as Abe – but was that a movie or a history lesson?

Seth MacFarlane
02 Oct, 2012

Choice of Family Guy creator as host of film industry's annual bunfight is welcomed

27 Feb, 2012

Comedian spills contents of ‘Kim Jong-il urn’ over Ryan Seacrest on Oscars red carpet

The Help
24 Feb, 2012

70 years after Gone With The Wind, playing a maid still gives a black actress the best chance of an Oscar

Sacha Baron Cohen as The Dictator
23 Feb, 2012

Academy pulls Borat star's tickets until he pledges not to appear on red carpet as a Hussein-like tyrant

Jean Dujardin
21 Feb, 2012

Star of the moment and Oscar hopeful performs for American comedy website

Shirley MacLaine
31 Jan, 2012

Oscar-winning MacLaine joins the cast for a third series as Americans 'go nuts' for the period drama