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Colin Firth, George VI, The King's Speech

Monarchy is ‘a problem’ for Colin Firth

Sat 29 Jan, AT 11:32

Oscar-nominated actor admires King George VI but not the institution

Colin Firth wins Golden Globe

Firth wins Golden Globe - but what chance an Oscar?

Mon 17 Jan, AT 07:13

Academy members could be swayed by smear campaign about George VI’s thoughts on Jewish emigration

Colin FIrth

Colin Firth gets his star - what about an Oscar?

Fri 14 Jan, AT 09:53

Golden Globe this Sunday would get the Oscar buzz going for Mr Darcy

The King’s Speech: did Oscar buzz peak too soon?

Thu 6 Jan, AT 15:38

Film of the Week: Firth’s turn as shy king could see him land first statuette

Colin Firth, George VI, The King's Speech

Golden Globe nominee Firth tipped for Oscar

Wed 15 Dec, AT 16:21

British actor Colin Firth is the bookies’ favourite for best actor after his Golden Globe nomination