Vanessa Perroncel denies affair with John Terry

Aug 11, 2010
Jonathan Harwood

Lingerie model at the centre of England sex scandal wants to get back with Wayne Bridge

Vanessa Perroncel, the woman at the centre of the sex scandal that cost England football captain John Terry his job, has given her first TV interview and said she would like to get back with her ex-boyfriend Wayne Bridge.

The French lingerie model hit the headlines in January when she was accused of having an affair with married father-of-two Terry, who was also Bridge's team-mate at Chelsea. But today she told GMTV that she and Terry were no more than friends.

Talking about the chances of a reconciliation with Bridge, with whom she has a son Jaydon, she said: "It would be lovely, but you know, Wayne might not feel that way.

"Whether we get back together or not, you know, crazier things have happened."

Perroncel was alleged to have begun an affair with Terry in late 2009 after she and Bridge had broken up, but before their split was made public.

Bridge and Terry had been team-mates at Chelsea and were good friends prior to the scandal - but such was the animosity between them afterwards that Bridge refused to acknowledge Terry when they played against each other and stopped playing for England as he did not want Terry as a team-mate.

But now Perroncel denies the affair. When asked what her relationship was with Terry she said: "Friends, we were friends. That's what we were."

And in response to questions about whether she had an affair with Terry she responded: "No, I think I made that clear. I denied that from the start but people didn't want to hear. I've never said, 'Oh yes, I've had an affair with John Terry,' I said, 'No, he was my friend'."

Given that denial she then rather cryptically added that there was "never any malicious intention in what I ever did".

And her outright denial of any sexual relationship with Terry does not exactly chime with what she told lads mag FHM last month. In that interview she said: "He was my friend. I'd known him for eight years. I split up from Wayne and he was there for me."

But on GMTV she said she believed Terry's wife Toni Poole accepted her denials of an affair and also dismissed claims that she had been paid 'hush money' from Terry. "Absolutely not. I didn't take a penny from him," she said.

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