Hillary’s latest hairdo: a bid for the presidency?

George Washington and Hillary Clinton

There’s a 200-year-plus gap, but Mrs Clinton's new bouffant is very George Washington

BY Jack Bremer LAST UPDATED AT 16:32 ON Mon 19 Jul 2010

Is Hillary Clinton trying to tell us something with her newest hairdo? Or is it just coincidence that the US Secretary of State has chosen a look almost identical to that of her country's first constitutional president, George Washington?

The new look was unveiled on TV over the weekend as yet more Washington watchers come round to the view that Hillary Clinton might be the Democrats' best hope for the presidency in 2012, if President Barack Obama's slumping popularity continues to slide unchecked.

As Wall Street Journal columnist Pete du Pont wrote last week under the heading 'Hillary for President', Mrs Clinton is "physically and intellectually strong enough to take on a difficult campaign. She showed that running against Obama two years ago."

More important, she is the only senior figure in the current administration whose numbers are holding up. As Alexander Cockburn wrote for The First Post last week, Obama appears unable to "inspire and rally the nation from its fears". As a result, Americans are losing confidence in him.

In the latest approval index - which measures the difference between those who "strongly approve" and those who "strongly disapprove" - Obama had fallen to 'minus 13 points'. When he was sworn in in January 2009 he was scoring 'plus 25 per cent'.

Vice President Joe Biden's figures have also collapsed: he is viewed favourably by 26 per cent of the public and unfavourably by 45 per cent - a minus score of 19 points. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi does even worse, with 20 per cent favourable to 49 per cent unfavourable.

But guess who's scoring strongly? Hillary Clinton's latest approval figures show 45 per cent approving against 35 per cent disapproving.

David Cameron, on his way to Washington to see Obama, won't unfortunately be able to report back on the George Washington hairdo. Mrs Clinton is away in Pakistan, building her international reputation - and her numbers.

PS. That is not a wig George Washington is wearing in the portrait above, but his own hair. He did have it powdered, however. · 

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