Boris Johnson at centre of London paternity riddle

Jul 16, 2010
Sophie Taylor

Art consultant’s baby girl ‘looked a lot more like Boris’ than her partner

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, is suspected of being the father of a London socialite's baby girl following the publication yesterday of a Daily Mirror article about his relationship with 36-year-old art consultant Helen Macintyre.

Macintyre's long-term partner, Pierre Rolin, left her last November after she gave birth to a child who looked nothing like him and a subsequent DNA test showed that he was not the father.

Johnson and Macintyre first met when she was a student and he was a journalist at the Daily Telegraph. When he became Mayor, he invited her to be an unpaid fundraising adviser to the Olympics and it is alleged that they began to meet often.

One friend told the Daily Mail: "Pierre became jealous of Helen and Boris's close bond and was suspicious of an affair. She would go to meetings at City Hall and they would meet for dinner afterwards.

"When Pierre was away on business she would arrange for Boris to come over to the house. Helen would tell the staff not to come in over the weekend because Boris was uncomfortable with them around."

Suspicions of an affair came to a head when Macintyre gave birth at the Portland private hospital to a girl with a shock of red hair and bright blue eyes. Friends of the couple commented on the girl looking a lot more like Boris than Pierre, a dark-haired French Canadian.

Macintyre, who now shares a home with magazine editor William Cash, refused to comment on her friendship with Johnson, while the mayor, according to his official spokesman, "never comments on his private life".

Johnson is married to the barrister Marina Wheeler (above), with whom he started a relationship while still with his first wife, Allegra Mostyn-Owen.

In 2004 it emerged that he had had an affair while editing the Spectator with columnist Petronella Wyatt.

As for the latest allegation, a source close to Johnson reportedly told the Daily Mail: "Is Boris the father of this child? It's quite likely he hasn't the faintest idea."

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