Cage fighters in, friends out at Jordan’s wedding

Jul 5, 2010
Tim Edwards

Former topless model’s wedding to wrestler Alex Reid descends into melee outside church

The media circus surrounding the wedding blessing of Katie Price, aka topless model Jordan, to cage fighter Alex Reid descended into something more like a top secret bear baiting meeting on Saturday.

In contrast to her 'fairytale' first wedding to Peter Andre, when Price arrived in a crystal pumpkin carriage resplendent in a pink Swarovski wedding dress, the glamour model this time arrived at St Paul's church in Woldingham, Surrey, concealed in a replica windowless A-Team van.

The mode of transport, and the six nightclub bouncers outside the church, had been hired to preserve the 'exclusivity' of the wedding coverage for the second tier television channel ITV2, with whom she has a reality show deal.

The bouncers proceeded to preserve Price's privacy by holding up sheets for her to walk behind and, according to the News of the World, wrestling two photographers to the ground and smashing their cameras. Protests from journalists that the church was a public, not a private, place were met with: "It is now."

As the driver of the van attempted to reverse to get closer to the doors of the church, Reid's cage-fighter buddies came outside and proceeded to "menace" the crowd, according to the Sunday Mirror.

Another photographer was pushed through the 'vanity sheets' and ended up face down in a flower bed. He was at least able to note that Jordan's dress was an off-white number with a jewel-encrusted bodice before being pinned by his throat to the wall of the church. Another reporter who managed to open the back doors of the van was greeted with a "one finger salute by a snarling bridesmaid".

The News of the World put the chaotic security down to the fact that a magazine had pulled out of a million-pound deal because of a lack of celebrity guests.

Meanwhile, those guests, who included such page 3 stalwarts as former Miss Great Britain Danielle Lloyd and former topless model Melinda Messenger, had to go to two sham venues before finally boarding a bus to the church in Woldingham.

The drama was still not over. Although all the guests had been forced to sign three confidentiality agreements, a bouncer went up to the altar and read out a list of six names, including that of Price's supposed "closest confidante" Julie Coates, and said: "These people must go to the back of the church and then leave immediately." Later, they were told: "Katie doesn't trust you."

At the reception ­ a hog roast in the grounds of Jordan's nearby mansion -  guests were told to give up their mobile phones and sign confidentiality agreements (for the fourth time?). The blushing bride, who actually married Reid in Las Vegas in February, at least acknowledged the media melee when she said: "Despite everything that has happened outside earlier, I want everyone to have a good time."

The wedding video can be seen by anyone interested later in the year when it is released in three parts on ITV2 as Katie and Alex: For Better, For Worse.

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