Police reopen Al Gore massage sex assault case

Jul 1, 2010
Sophie Taylor

New interview reveals identity of masseuse who claims Gore groped her

Police have reopened their investigation into claims by a masseuse that she was subjected to "unwanted sexual contact" by the former vice-president Al Gore.

The complaint, which was only brought by the masseuse in 2009 - two years after the alleged incident, concerns Gore's conduct during a massage in October 2006.

According to a 73-page 'Confidential Special Report' made public by Police in Portland, Oregon, last week, the masseuse was asked to do abdominal and "abductor" - inner thigh - work on Gore.

When she started working on his abdomen, he began to moan and demanded she "go lower". She told police: "I went into much deeper shock as I realised it appeared he was demanding sexual favours."

The case was closed shortly after due to a lack of evidence, but has been reopened in the wake of the masseuse's tabloid allegations.

The news comes as the National Enquirer, the tabloid that broke the story last week, carried another interview with Gore's accuser, naming her as 54-year-old Molly Hagerty.

In the new interview, for which Hagerty is believed to have received $1m, she pulls no punches, saying: "Al Gore is a pervert and sexual predator. He's not what people think he is - he's a sick man."

To back up her story, she offers the account of a friend, Greg Boatman, who she had called before massaging Al Gore to tell of her excitement. "I was shocked when she called back and woke me around 4am that same night," he says. "When I picked up, she was in tears. She told me she was assaulted... Mr Gore groped her and threw her down on the bed."

A spokeswoman for Gore denied the allegations "unequivocally and emphatically". "Further investigation into this matter will only benefit Mr Gore," she said.

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