Sarah Palin plans photo op with Margaret Thatcher

Sarah Palin

US right-wing idol offered rendezvous - but does she realise Thatcher has dementia?

BY David Cairns LAST UPDATED AT 11:34 ON Tue 15 Jun 2010

Sarah Palin hopes to meet Margaret Thatcher on an upcoming visit to the UK, she has confirmed. Writing on her Facebook page, the former US vice-presidential candidate said she had had the offer of a rendezvous and "would love to meet" the Iron Lady, who is one of her "political heroines".
Palin believes she can only stand to gain from a photo-op with the former PM, who remains the best-known UK politician in the US and still commands immense respect among Republicans, largely, as Palin says herself, because of her close friendship with Ronald Reagan. She describes Reagan as "my other political hero".
No date has been set for the meeting, and employing characteristically convoluted language, Palin only says that she has been invited to London and "part of that invitation included the offer of arranging a meeting between myself and [Thatcher]". The news may come as a welcome distraction to rumours last week she has undergone breast augmentation surgery.

Lady Thatcher's public appearances are now few and far between, but she has posed on the steps of Downing Street with both Gordon Brown and David Cameron. An appearance with Sarah Palin is not impossible.
However, the former PM's daughter, Carol Thatcher, revealed in 2008 that her mother has been suffering from dementia since the year 2000 - to the extent that she now believes herself to be living again in Grantham, where she grew up as a grocer's daughter.

This is unlikely to deter Palin. "I cherish her example and will always count her as one of my role models," she writes. · 

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