Gallagher’s triumphant solo debut at Albert Hall

Mar 26, 2010
Sophie Taylor

Expectant father Noel Gallagher played his first post-Oasis gig last night

Noel Gallagher, the former Oasis songwriter and guitarist, has played his first solo show just days after it was revealed his girlfriend Sara MacDonald is expecting their second child together. The gig received rave reviews, with Gallagher said to be looking confident and relaxed as he joked between songs.

Playing a benefit in the Albert Hall for the Teenage Cancer Trust, Gallagher didn’t mention that he was going to be a father for the third time. The couple are said to have conceived the baby in South Africa – and one South African newspaper claims they plan to name it after Nelson Mandela.

For his first gig without Oasis, Gallagher was joined onstage by most of Oasis.

The 42-year-old played a largely acoustic set with the help of guitarist Gem Archer and drummer Terry Kirkbride. The significant absence was, of course, ‘Our Kid’. Reviewing for the Times, Pete Paphides speculated that Liam Gallagher’s absence might be the factor making Noel seem quite so relaxed.

Earlier this week, Liam Gallagher was named the greatest frontman of all time by Q magazine, beating John Lennon, Mick Jagger, Bob Marley and James Brown. Ironically, it was Noel who was dubbed the “most overrated man in history” earlier this month – by Liam.


Pete Paphides, the Times: “His delivery couldn’t have been further removed from that of his brother, akin to a withdrawn child in the corner of the room where his parents are rowing, quietly willing the unpleasantness to stop.”

Ian Youngs, BBC News: “Tonight's gig was a rousing trip down memory lane, but the question still remains - what next for Noel? And, more to the point, will it compare to his past masterpieces?”

Matt Humphrey, “You can gripe about some of the lyrics (‘we’ll have lasagne’), but when you’ve witnessed thousands of people singing “These could be the best days of our lives” then none of that matters. It encapsulates the energy and spirit of early Oasis and it went down a treat.”

The Sun: “Show me another man who could play a set list filled with B-sides and still send the crowd home singing.”

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