Sarah Palin forgettable? Scott Brown thinks so

Sarah Palin

Senator-elect Brown seeks to put a little distance between himself and the ex-governor

BY Jack Bremer LAST UPDATED AT 11:10 ON Wed 3 Feb 2010

Has Senator-elect Scott Brown spent so much time in the cab of his GMC pick-up truck, criss-crossing Massachusetts in pursuit of last month's famous election victory, that the engine noise has addled his brain?

Eight days before Brown is due to be sworn in on Capitol Hill as the replacement for the venerable Ted Kennedy, there is considerable amusement in the US media concerning Brown and Sarah Palin.

It seems Brown wants to keep a distance from the arch conservative former Governor of Alaska and vice-presidential candidate.

Asked last week about Palin's chances of becoming president one day, Brown answered: "Well, sure, I mean she's been a mayor and a governor and has a lot of a national following. But the more people in a presidential race, the better. The caveat to that is I've never met her, she's never contacted us and vice versa."

This did not tally with a statement issued by Palin's spokeswoman Meg Stapleton on January 19, within minutes of Brown scoring his remarkable victory over Democrat Martha Coakley. "Governor Palin spoke with a very happy Senator-elect Brown this evening and congratulated him on his most historic victory for not only Massachusetts but the nation," she said.

The matter has now been cleared up. Senator-elect Brown has acknowledged that he did receive a call from Palin on election night. An aide confirms that it "had completely slipped his mind" but added that it was very nice of her to call.

Palin has been described in many and various ways - "an unstable ignoramus" and "lost in a catatonic stupor" stand out - but never before forgettable. · 

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