Ronnie Wood was ‘an evil Goblin King’ says Ivanova

Dec 14, 2009
Sophie Taylor

Russian waitress he left his wife for spills the beans about their boozy affair

Ekaterina Ivanova's 18-month affair with Ronnie Wood, which came to an end earlier this month after he was arrested for allegedly choking her in a fight outside a Surrey restaurant, started out as a fairy tale but ended with the 62-year-old Rolling Stone becoming an "evil Goblin King", according to the former cocktail waitress.

Ivanova refused to press charges when police arrested Wood. But since leaving the rented mock castle she and Wood were sharing in Claygate, and returning to her Russian mother's council flat in central London, she has decided to spill the beans to Hello! magazine.

"The whole thing started off like a fairy tale. But then it felt like an evil fairy tale," said Ivanova, who at 21 is more than 40 years Wood's junior.
"When Ronnie and I moved into a tower, my friends were laughing and saying I was like the princess trapped in the tower. He went all Jekyll and Hyde. I'd be trapped there with an evil goblin king."
Ivanova first met Wood while he was on a drinking binge in April 2008 and she was working in a Soho drinking club. He then abandoned his wife Jo Wood, and took Ivanova off to his home in Ireland for what was described at the time as a "booze marathon".

According to Ivanova, life with Ronnie turned out to be an endless drinking session and his dependence on alcohol made him act like a child. "On the day of my birthday, he woke me up with champagne and caviar, but the thing is I had a couple of glasses and Ronnie carried on drinking.

"We went to a restaurant that he'd booked, and they brought out a really beautiful cake and all the waiters were singing Happy Birthday, and he was so drunk it was really awkward."

Wood's former girlfriend has chosen to tell her story just as the media are reporting that his wife Jo has invited him to spend Christmas with her and her four children - an offer Wood has apparently declined.

Ivanova concluded: "I grew out of him. I just thought, what's the point of being with an older man if he acts about 12?
"He was like a child with tantrums when he was drunk, throwing water bottles and doing impressions of my voice. It was like trying to keep a child under control. In the end I was so unimpressed by everything. I found it very fake."



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