Protest over Italian pornstar MP Cicciolina’s pension

Sep 20, 2011

Cicciolina, the porn star and former Italian MP, has caused another scandal but it has nothing to do with sex

A BIZARRE row has erupted in Italy over the pension entitlements of Cicciolina, the porn star who served a term as an Italian MP between 1987 and 1992.

It was revealed yesterday that the actress and singer will soon be picking up a E39,000-a-year pension from the Italian state as a result of her five years in parliament.

Italian voters are up in arms at the news, coming as it does hot on the heels of Italian legislators voting through an austerity package last week which has increased VAT and is cutting income tax allowances.

The pension arrangements of Cicciolina, real name Ilona Staller, are the same as that of any other politician who served just one term, but it has sparked a wider wave of anger at the country's politicians.

MPs receive a very generous salary of E140,000, which can be bumped up further by an attendance allowance (E42,000) and a E63,000 expense account. With free public transport and other perks thrown in, it's no wonder that a recent estimate found that Italian politicians cost the country E1.3bn.

The Hungarian-born Cicciolina however is indignant about the uproar, insisting that she deserves her stipend, which will begin in November this year. "I earned it and I'm proud of it," she told the Guardian. "All politicians who are ex-members of parliaments get pensions for life and I think it is fair that I should too."

The 59-year-old was a member of the Radical party, a libertarian group for which she proposed a host of laws including the provision of sex education in schools, an end to vivisection, and the setting up of 'love parks and hotels'. She also famously offered sex to Osama bin Laden if he gave up terrorism.

In addition to making 40 hardcore porn films and releasing erotically themed songs, Cicciolina was the muse of American artist Jeff Koons, whom she married in 1991.

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