Ronaldo lashes out at teenage girl

Jul 2, 2009
Danielle Dsane

Real Madrid footballer smashes car window protecting his mother from media ‘harassment’

Cristiano Ronaldo's start to life as a Real Madrid footballer is not going so well. After finalising his £80m move from Manchester United to Madrid, he has been accused of lashing out at a teenage girl and smashing a car window.

The Portuguese football star had returned from living the high life with Paris Hilton in Los Angeles when the incident occurred in Lisbon.

He was heading off in his £200,000 Ferrari to see an Elton John concert with his mother, Dolores, and two sisters when he got angry with Sara Pardal, a 17-year-old student who was videoing him. Ronaldo smashed her car window in fury at what he considered an intrusion into his family privacy.

Pardel, who claims she was struck by shards of glass and later went to hospital, could take the matter to court. But Ronaldo is adamant that she is exaggerating her injuries and that he is the wronged one. He says the girl was working for a paparazzo, whom the Portuguese newspaper 24 Horas has identified as 35-year-old freelance photographer Hugo Martins.

Martins, Ronaldo said, had been "standing for days on end in front of my house, eating yogurt and waiting for anything newsworthy to happen".

The footballer continued: "This persecution caused my mother to be so disturbed and upset that I had to stop my car to try to convince them to leave us in peace... When I'm on my own, fine, I try to swallow it and remain indifferent. But when my mother is involved, then I'm sorry but I don't let anyone, I repeat anyone, harass her."

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