Three held, one fighting back - tale of four sons

Saif Gaddafi

Saif, Saadi, Mohammed and Khamis are Gaddafi’s most involved sons, but only three have been captured

News LAST UPDATED AT 14:16 ON Mon 22 Aug 2011

While Nato and rebel forces continue to search for Colonel Gaddafi in Tripoli, attention has turned to the whereabouts of the Libyan leader's four most politically engaged sons.

Saif al-Islam Gaddafi. The Western face of the Libyan regime became completely discredited when the International Criminal Court issued a warrant for his arrest on charges of crimes against humanity along with his father and a Libyan intelligence chief.
The rebel government body, the National Transitional Council, yesterday announced that Saif (above) had been captured and that his captors were under order to "treat him well". The ICC last night said: "We have confidential information from different sources that we have within Libya confirming this."
They added that it was "very important" that the 38-year-old former LSE student, who was regarded by most observers as Gaddafi's heir, would be handed over to the ICC "in accordance with the Security Council resolution".

Saadi Gaddafi. Captured along with Saif yesterday evening, the 38-year-old former professional footballer only recently returned to Libya to serve as the special forces commander for his father.

He has been accused of personally ordering the shooting of unarmed demonstrators in the eastern city of Benghazi, and is wanted by international criminal policing organisation Interpol.

Muhammad Gaddafi. The Colonel's eldest son was dramatically captured by rebels while he was giving a down-the-line interview to Al Jazeera on Sunday. As viewers heard the sound of gunfire, Muhammad, 41, said: "I'm being attacked right now. This is gunfire inside my house. They're inside my house."

Muhammad had been telling Al Jazeera: "I was not part of the security or official systems of the government to know what was going on. I think that the lack of reason and wide vision led Libya to where it is now. Our problems were simple. They could have been solved."

He and his family have since been confirmed as being alive and well in rebel captivity.
Khamis Gaddafi. The youngest of Gaddafi's sons is a fearsome 28-year-old who runs a section of the Libyan army known as the Khamis Brigade. It was once referred to in leaked US documents as "the most well-trained and well-equipped force in the Libyan military".
The Khamis Brigade was variously reported yesterday to have been overrun by the rebels entering Tripoli and/or to have decided not to put a fight.

However, Khamis and his men were reported this morning to be heading in a column of tanks across central Tripoli to Colonel Gaddafi's Bab al-Azizia compound, where the Libyan leader may or may not be holding out. · 

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